Have you ever been to sites such as Backlinko, etc?

Hoping to get such a cool web font?...

Well, this is all that you need to know about Proxima Nova Google Font.

Proxima Nova Google Font

Here is the truth!

Proxima Nova is not a Google font, actually, you can hardly find it online and if you do it is sold for a premium Licence.

What is Proxima Nova?

Proxima Nova font is the new cool font that has set the website on fire with over 25000 websites making use of it.

One would wonder why so many persons are using one specific font.

Well, that one reason is more than enough reason to use Proxima Nova.

Here are a few cool features of Proxima Nova font
  1. Amazing readability
  2. Credible rendering on & off the web
  3. Different typefaces (46 fonts)
  4. Proportions
  5. Letter Spacing etc.

There 46 fonts range from super thin to extra bold, italic, normal, condensed, light, Semibold, Medium, and extra condensed.

You can find the 46 fonts at Adobe fonts.

Who is Proxima Nova Font Designer?

Proxima Nova font was designed by Mark Simonson and till date, Nova remains Mark's best selling font as stated on Adobe fonts.

Mark Simonson
Credit: Adobe Fonts

Among, Mark's fonts, are Parkside, Bookmania, Coquette, Grad etc.

Mark owns a studio company called Mark Simonson Studio which specializes in lettering and typography.

Simonson Studio was founded in 2002 and has thus far created over 20 web fonts including Proxima Nova Google font.

Let's check out popular websites using Proxima Nova.

7 Popular Websites using Proxima Nova

  1. WPBeginner
  2. Backlinko Blog
  4. BuzzFeed
  5. Wired
  6. NBC News
  7. Mashable

How to Download Proxima Nova Font Free

Unfortunately, there is no free license for the Proxima Nova typeface. In other to make use of it,

You are required to download the font from any only font seller which includes;,, and

But however, Google font has a font that looks similar to the Proxima Nova as a free alternative.


Let's talk about Proxima Nova Google font free alternative.

Google Font Alternative to Proxima Nova.

After various tests the closest Google font to Proxima Nova are
  1. Metropolis
  2. Montserrat
  3. Nunito Sans
  4. Muli
  5. Raleway

Let's get into detail.

1. Metropolis Font

Metropolis is one of the closest fonts to Proxima Nova but it is not a Google font.

Instead, you can download it from GitHub where it is uploaded to.

2. Montserrat Google Font

Montserrat is Google's first alternative to Proxima Nova and stands a big chance at being cool in terms of readability and web rendering.

It is free and can be used on any website without the need to purchase a premium license.

You can download Monserrat Google font alternative for Proxima Nova below.

Credit: Fluxes
For help on how to use on blogspot, check out this guide which explains who to render google fonts without affecting page speed.

3. Nunito Sans

Here is another Google font library alternative for Proxima Nova.

Nunito Sans is quite similar to Montserrat and Proxima Nova but there still exist a few difference in rendering and readability.

On a scale of 10/10, I would rate Nunito with 6/10 because it doesn't bring out the exquisite rendering on Proxima.

But still, Nunito Sans is a great free font and lot of persons make use of it.

Here is an example of Nunito Sans.

Credit: Fluxes

And you can download Nunito Sans right from Google font library using the button below

4. Muli Google Font

How about Muli as the 4th alternative to Proxima Nova?.

Well, though not the exact thing, Muli stands in a good position to replace Proxima Nova as your website's font.

Muli is offered free on Google fonts library and you can download it below.

5. Raleway Google Font

Although not my favorite Proxima Google font alternative, Raleway appears to be a very good web font.

A few months ago, I wanted to make use of Raleway as my font since I could not get Proxima Nova.

But then, made a second decision of using ABeeZee which is another great free Google Font.

You can download Raleway Google font below

What's your choice?

I think Montserrat looks closely related to Proxima Nova Font, but then that's just my own view.

So what's your view of it?

I would love to see it and give a response back

see you at the comment box.
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