Finding the best free blogger template for your blogspot blog is a difficult task,

but in this post, I am going to show you the 7 best free blogger templates for writers in 2018.

blogger templates for writers

A writer's or author's blog is quite different from any other kind of blog and deciding the kind of blogger template to fit this niche is important.

In order to get proper blogger templates for writers, I have compiled this post based on
  1. Simplicity
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Pagespeed
  5. Advert placement (optimization)

Unlike Entertainment bloggers that often go with a noisy theme, Writers are known for a text first theme customization...

...A calm environment with the proper use of margins and paddings.

A design whereby the user/reader can easily concentrate on the text content without getting detracted by widgets, ads or unnecessary colors.

So, blogger templates for writers are user-friendly and this exactly I took to note while selecting these blogger templates for writers.

Aside from being user-friendly, Mobile friendliness, Pagespeed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are also of great importance.

A writer concentrating on writing stories, poetry etc definitely expect users to find his/her content and though they say "Content is King".

It won't be possible to rank if his theme is not properly optimized. So I have also taken note of SEO, Mobile Friendliness, and Pagespeed.

Monetization is also a point to consider in blogging,

Well, each of these blogger templates for writers is well optimized to earn more whether via Google AdSense, CPA or Affiliate marketing.

All that being said, Let's get right into it and see which blogger template for writers will best fit your BlogSpot blog.

7 Blogger Templates For Writers

  1. Typography Theme
  2. Writer Template
  3. Mega Free theme
  4. Plasma Blogger Template
  5. TrueBlog 
  6. Write-Up Blogspot theme
  7. Goodness Theme

1. Typography

Typography by ThemeXpose is a wonderful text-based free blogger template for writers with a main focus on the Content.

Typography by ThemeXpose

It is perfect for any old-fashioned class of writer, who cares about how his/her content is being displayed.

Typography blogger template is fast loading, Search Engine Optimized, Mobile Friendly and fits well with an authors blog.

One of the fallbacks of Typography blogger template is Ads placement,

since it is a one column blogger theme,

it will be hard to create ads space but still in content ads from Adsense will still work perfectly well.

Typography template Review

I have reviewed Typography blogger template for writers and have seen it be powerful

It has a customizable layout as seen below,

Typography template Review

you can easily change the text color, body color, and font tool.

It also gets an acceptable SEO friendliness and page speed.

In general
  • Pagespeed - 72/100
  • SEO score - 53/100
  • Mobile friendliness - Yes
  • Customizable - Yes
  • Documentation - Yes

Basically, Typography Blogger template for authors is a great catch for new bloggers hoping to make a name/brand.

2. Writer Blogger Theme

Writer Blogger Template is a white text in dark background free blogger template for writers.

Writer Blogger Theme

The design is clean and elegant perfect for Authors, lifestyle bloggers, and minimalist theme lovers.

Writer blogger template is content focussed and just in case you happen to be a writer who loves dark background themes,

the Writer blogger template is a good catch for you.

Its good features include Mobile responsiveness, fast loading, and Adsense optimized.

Writer Blogger Template Review

Here are the cool review facts you should know about Writer blogger template
  1. Pagespeed - 72/100
  2. SEO score - 54/100
  3. Mobile friendliness - Yes
  4. Customizable - No
  5. Documentation - Yes
  6. Slider - Yes

3. Mega BlogSpot Template

Mega Blogger Template is a really good free blogger template for writers, its main focus is your content and increased earnings.

Mega BlogSpot Template

With well-placed Advert spots, Mega blogger template stands out is a good choice for any Writer or Author looking for a free blogger template to make money.

A lot of bloggers writing on Google Adsense optimization have researched and found hot spots for more clicks, impressions and earning.

Mega Blogger template has been well created with these rules.

Mega Blogger Template Review

Here are the key features to note about Mega free blogger template
  • Pagespeed - 78/100
  • SEO score - 60/100
  • Mobile friendliness - Yes
  • Customizable - Yes
  • Documentation - Yes
  • Slider - Yes

Mega is a really good theme, though the customization is limited, it still stands a ground with its fast page speed and high SEO score.

4. Plasma Blogger Template

Plasma Blogger Template by Colorlib is superb and elegant template writers and authors will fall in love with.

Plasma Blogger Template

Plasma comes with an authority... Come to dominate your niche.

Well crafted for any kind of writers blog. The homepage gives a beautiful display of Posts while the post page identifies more with the content.

That doesn't stop it from being AdSense optimized, fast loading and also responsive.

5. True Blog Blogger Template

Have a story to tell or your life experience is bubbly, kinda need a write-up? - Then True Blog is the best free blogger template for writers you ever gonna meet. (winks)

True Blog is the best free blogger template for writers

What makes a theme power, is the ability to capture the attention of your readers, hereby making them wanna stay!.

The true blog blogspot template can get that done for you, It's super cool for writers, authors, lifestyle bloggers etc.

6. Write Up

WriteUp blogger template by ThemeXpose is another simple and clean blogspot template for writers and authors.

clean blogspot template for writers and authors.

The Theme takes uniqueness as a responsibility. Not just that, it also portrays to you how awesome your content will look in it.

A few features of note include Responsiveness, Mobile friendliness, Good color scheme, SEO etc.

7. Goodness

Goodness Blogger Template is a product of Blogging Prince and I must say is highly recommended for writers who actually want to succeed in blogging.

Goodness Blogger Template

It is not FREE.

I had to include it as the last item, only because it is not free. If it was, Goodness would have been the first blogger template.

What makes Goodness blogger template ideal for writers is its simplicity and optimization.

Much effort was made to ensure its page speed, SEO settings, Adsense placement were well practiced.

Its currently sold at N2500 ($6.91)

and the value is worth the price, its optimization includes schema tags, SMO integration, social sharing buttons, TOC widget (the only theme on this list with an automatic table of content) and lot more


Writers are unique and so is a blogger template for writers. These 7 blogspot themes have been properly selected by me and I can say that they all meet the requirements of being

  • Fast loading
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • AdSense Optimized (Earnings)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Schema ready (not all)

and so much more. I do recommend Goodness Blogger template, not because it was made by me, because it entails all the optimization an author or a writer will ever need in a blogspot template.

Hope, you find your required blogspot template for writers and don't forget to leave a comment below specifying which theme you use or recommend.

You Next!!

I Find Typography and Goodness to be really simple and cool for writers

but then my thoughts ain't yours.

So you are next! - Which is your favorite?

and which would you be recommending to a friend who is a writer?

I can't wait to see your response at the comment box.
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