Tips For Branding Your Blog
Building a professional blog which people can easily trust and rely on requires having some certain criteria. Blogging is a brand and if you want to be respected as a blogger, then you need to take it to that state.

There are some things needed to make your blog look like one of the professional and money making blogs. The truth here is, I can't trust you if I think you are beggar trying to make money from blogging.

It is simple. For those into affiliate marketing, it is easier to convince readers when you have used that product and you had a great experience with it. If not you would find it very difficult.

Same apply to branding a blog. You first need to look and act like a professional before your readers will see and accept you as one even though you are not.

1. Get a custom domain name

Buying yourself a domain name is a good step to building a professional blog. Nobody has full trust on bloggers who use a free platform such as or A custom domain name which describes what you do is what you need.

There are some many custom domain names you can purchase at cheap and promo rate. Get one for yourself and start building a brand on the internet.

2. Personalised Email

Though not everyone recognizes this, it still remains cool and of great importance especially when you want to run business deals with big companies. You can not just ask someone to email you at, I think sounds better.
personalized email address
By doing this, you no longer need to preach to customers that you know what you are doing and also you are dedicated to it. There several ways you can get a personalized email address both free and premium versions.

3. Not Spamming Social Platforms.

Stop being a kid and grow up. Sharing your posts to millions of platforms will bring traffic but that is not the real deal here. Am not saying you should not share rather am saying be matured about it and stop spamming others.

If I click on your link from a platform like Facebook which you spammed, then I would mostly treat you as a spammer that you are. Share your posts to related groups only.

If you blog about blogging, SEO etc then blogging groups would be a great place to start sharing your articles. Sharing such articles on entertainment sites is referred to as spamming and you should not get involved in such cases.

4. Matured Theme and Post Format

Remove all those fancy and attracting buttons and icons from your blog. Work more on your blog posts and the simplicity of your theme. Many persons just fill up the sidebar with ads.

Every minute you see Ads popping up etc. The truth which you still have not realized is, too many ads will bring you less money. but How?

  1. It will drive your blog readers
  2. Reduce page speed (increased bounce rate)
  3. make your conversion rate low
  4. kill your blog search ranking etc

Be matured about your work, place fewer ads. It is all about placing ads in strategic places, not on every part of it. Use free tools like Ezoic to test the performance of your ads and also increase your blog revenue with few ads placement.
best blogger template

5. Don't Recommend What you have not used.

This is tagged at affiliate marketers. If I have eaten fried rice at The Spot (Jerusalem), it is easier and better to recommend it than to recommend MrBiggs which I have not been to.

A product which you should recommend is a product you have used not a product you just read about. Be sincere about your reviews and don't super hype products just to get a commission.

Rounding Up.

If you are only thinking about the money, then you won't make the money rather think about the health of your blog. Give it a good name and don't miss out of being a professional blogger.

If you wish to get a domain name, you can get one at an affordable rate at garanntor. Am not advertising them, I am only recommending what I use and I think their service is worth a try.
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