Using custom domain is every young blogger's intention but often times, we decide to use the free domain provided by BlogSpot for some time before we finally get a custom domain name and this is where we get it all wrong!.
5 Nightmares Of Switching To Custom Domain Name In BlogSpot
If you are still waiting for a few more minutes, seconds or hours before you switch to using custom domain on BlogSpot then you are probably making the worst mistake of your life.

5 NightMares Of Switching To Custom Domain On Blogger.

If you are just going to start with a custom domain name, do so and if you just wish to use a  free domain name for life, do so and don't ever go back on that decision.

1. Losing Ads Partners Approvals

If you got so lucky with your URL and you were approved by Ads media such as AdSense, Media.Net, InfoLinks e.t.c Switching to a custom domain will require you losing that account and have to apply again. And you know how difficult that is.

When I moved from to, I had to forfeit a lot of things and one of this thing was my approval among other Ads Platform.

drop seo ranking

2. Goodbye to all your ranking.

Someone somewhere who wants you to buy a domain name will assure you of not losing rankings but the plain and simple truth is, you will lose all your rankings with your URL.

I said above, if you are just going to start with a custom domain do so or else don't ever think of switching. If you have to spend any money in purchasing links, then those backlinks become a secondary strength for your new domain name.

You Alexa ranking will be zero and you would need Google and other search engines to start crawling your blog all over again. Back to square one.

reduced search traffic

3. Super Reduced Blog Traffic

If your blog depended on a search engine for its daily traffic then to some extent you are going to get fewer clicks and pageviews a day. Since you would have to resubmit all your URLs for crawling and indexing.

Google webmaster takes nothing less than 1 month to index all your posts. During this period your blog is going to experience the dry season. A situation where only social media users visit your blog.

This experience can be really annoying and you have nobody to complain to.

4. Increased Ranking Competition

I know your major reason for wanting to switch to a custom domain, is so as to get better ranking and search traffic. You experience might give that a check mark later as you keep on blogging.

Switching to a custom domain, practically opens to your blog posts to more competitions. Blogs you would easily outrank using domain age and power would knock down your blog on search results.

For the first few months of using your new domain name, it is going to be like this. Even most of the times, your new post will hardly get indexed on time sometimes not at all.

blogger free https

5. No More Free HTTPS (SSL Certificate) For You.

Using domain name extension gives you a free HTTPS certificate which is worth real money and also of great important. An SSL certificate can improve your site SEO ranking and customer trust.

Getting a custom domain name for your blog would require you forfeiting that certificate and its importance. But hopefully, Blogger will provide SSL for it's custom domain users, for now, there is no such thing for custom domains.

Rounding Up

If you are still thinking of moving your to a custom domain name, you better think fast, because every second you waste thinking is wasting your valuable efforts.

Never you buy backlinks when you are still on a free platform. All those backlinks will only go to a waste. If you want to start a strong blog online, you should do that from the very beginning.
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