PlainSEO blogger template is a simple 3 column blogger theme created with SEO, page speed, and traffic in mind. It comes with simple but optimized functions that suit every type of niche.
PlainSEO Blogger Template

While creating PlainSEO I consider a lot of things and I specifically targetted a unique audience looking for an optimized blogger template. It is fast loading, works seamlessly well on all mobile phones and laptops.
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What You Can Archive

Blogging has longed developed from writing long posts into optimizing short posts. If you have been following my tutorials on SEO, then you should have enough knowledge to make great use of the SEO power of PlainSEO blogger template.

1. Ranking On First Page

Templates have effect in the page ranking of your blog. Non-optimized templates will reduce your crawl and index rates but an optimized template such as PlainSEO will turn the table around.

I have tested it, with numerous SEO checking tools and I can certify it as good to go BlogSpot template.

2. Fast Loading Blog

Most internet users prefer fast loading blogs and PlainSEO is a perfect choice for speed. It comes with lazy loading image functions, optimized rendering JavaScript, removed blogger default CSS, and JS.

All scripts and style sheets used are rendered asynchronously which boost up the loading of your blog. You can read about how to optimize blogger images to attain more loading speed.

3. Safe Viewing and Reading

A template can never bring you traffic but a template can help you keep any visitor that comes to your blog. Using Google and Facebook color coding, I have styled the theme to look neat.

One of the features of the theme is the usage of dull colors. which helps to reduce the effect of a bright screen in the eyes of readers. Google and Facebook practice this same color coding.
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Features Of PlainSEO

A theme crafted with love, and most certainly have a lot to offer. All features are made available to all downloads and there is a documentation to guide you through installation.

1. Valid Schema Tags (Structured Data)

Schema tags help google to define and identify different sections of a blog. From the header to the footer. Default blogger themes are always full of validation errors.

PlainSEO has come out from BloggingPrince.Com as one of the few blogger themes that have valid schema tags. These tags will help you get featured on google as shown below.

2. LazyLoading Images

Images are the greatest speed killers of all time in BlogSpot templates and if proper work is not done, it will drastically reduce the loading speed of your blog.

Lazyload Images is a plugin that helps you prevent images from loading at the beginning. Instead, images are loaded after every other blog element have been loaded.

This will boost your blog speed with a high percentage. PlainSEO also comes with well animated lazy loading images effect.

3. AdSense Matched Content With Related Post

What other better way to get valid clicks rather than adding matched content alongside the related post. PlainSEO comes with a related post widget that looks exactly like Adsense matched content.

This should help an average blogger get more clicks and impressions. You can also display banner ads instead of matched content.

4. Optimized H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags ( for SEO)

Title tags give power to individual titles on the blog. I have assigned to each title the right and most functional tags.

All blog posts titles on post pages get h1 while all post titles on home page get h2. With this trick, I was able to improve the SEO percentage of this template.

5. Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Flexible to the last end point. All widgets and sections of this theme are made responsive and mobile friendly. You get to enjoy the same desktop experience on mobile devices.
mobile friendly blogger template

With all media points set and all CSS functions specified accordingly, mobile friendly is sure. I also tested it on various devices including Lumia, Blackberry, IPad and iPhones using google inspect tool.

6. Floating Sidebar

Why have empty white spaces on your theme when you could actually optimize your blog sidebar to float?. Using special coding, I have enabled floating sidebar on this theme which only works on desktop, laptops and large-screen iPads.

Built In Widgets

  1. Font awesome icons built in
  2. Social Share and Follow buttons
  3. Responsive mobile friendly Navigation menu
  4. Recent Comment Widget
  5. Drop down-down label
  6. Search Box
  7. Subscribe box
  8. Footer About Author

What is not in PlainSEO BlogSpot Template

1. Carousels and Sliders

There are no recent, random or popular post carousels and sliders this is because these widgets use scripts and CSS files which can drastically reduce the loading speed of your blog.

2. Emoticons In Comment

Emoticons are fun but to some extent, they affect the rendering of your blog. How? Emoticons are images cropped to small sizes and these images added to the images on each blog post, will end the life of your fast loading blog.

3. BreadCrumb

 I have seen many bloggers encouraging about breadcrumbs because of SEO but the plain truth is, breadcrumb only categories your posts and should be used by Store sites with numerous categories.

Not blogs like yours and mine. A case study on top SEO advanced blogs by me shows that most bloggers ranking well don't use breadcrumb.

4. Recent and Random Posts

I would have added these widgets alongside the other widgets but I decided not to because it would take up all the space on your blog.

And secondly, recent and random post uses callback functions which act as rendering blogging javascript.
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Template Documentation

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I love this template as the color coding makes me want to change it to mine. Its SEO is powerful and just as a disclosure, you can be a search ranking geek by blogging regularly and practicing more SEO tips.

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