posted is fully back after a heartbreaking experience that occurred a few months earlier which forced many Nigeria bloggers to move from them to other domain and hosting providers such as Garanntor.

Garanntor provides you with 2 free email addresses without future costs.

Today, I wanted to purchase a new domain name for my blog as appealed for by my blog readers with claims of the blog name being hard to remember and spell. So I first went to Garanntor which is the current domain provider am using, but I wasn't pleased cause I would get email services for just 1year!.

Thought of trying the URL and to an amazing experience, it came up and it's fully functional with all its great services available with even intriguing offers such as N999 for a dotcomdotng domain name where garanntor have it for N1050.
Should I go back to DomainKing? so asked myself then I compared the services I would get if I go back and these services are:

Why You Should Purchase Your Domain At DomainKing

1. 2 Free Personal Email

I always wanted a free personal email address such but I have not been able to lay my hands on one. I tried using Google Apps but their services are for the high class and too expensive.

Garanntor on a conversation on twitter said it offers free personal emails and I was disappointed when I saw that free emails are only available for just 1year and with DomainKing it is for a lifetime.

2. Fairly Cheap Domain Names

As a blogger who is a startup and wants to get a custom domain, DomainKing would be of a great help here. Their domain names are cheap and it would cost me just N4000 to get a domain name from them.

3. Customer Services - Fully Intact

When I purchased my dotcomdotng domain name, I must say, I knew nothing about domain servers and DNS setup. But after the purchase, I simply contacted them, and they did nearly everything for me.

Why Should I Not Use DomainKing.Ng

Sudden Close-Up

In the past few months, they have been offline due to issues which nobody really understands. As a blogger intending to concentrate more on writing quality posts, then having to fix domain issues would while away useful time.

and not just that, it is really heartbreaking. I remembered when my domain name wasn't available for just two days, I nearly fainted.

Questions To DomainKing Team

1. What exactly happened to your service for the past few months?
2. How can we be assured that such an event won't repeat itself?
3. How safe is our domain names and hosting in your hands?.

As a way of starting all over again, I strongly advise you respond to these questions so we can know whether to come back or stay where we are!.

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