How I Get Countless Retweets And Likes With Less Than 600 Twitter Followers
Social media is a home of fame and glory. With proper use of social media, a farmer can turn a reality star. Twitter is one of the big SMM to drive huge traffic from to your blog and in this post, I am going to show you how I get countless retweets and likes with less than 600 twitter followers.

I have over 4 thousand facebook friends and with just that few persons, I get thousand of daily visitors to my blog, especially when I write a new post. Let's keep facebook for another day.
How I Get Countless Retweets And Likes With Less Than 600 Twitter Followers
Getting retweets and likes is a dream come true for twitter users and bloggers like me. I teach blogging, SMM, income ways and one would expect me to get countless followers due to what I handle but it's actually the opposite.

I started using twitter just a few months after creating my blog which was 2years ago and funny enough I have less than 600 followers!! ask me why?. am speechless.

If you want instant traffic then it's twitter but what if you want continues traffic? it's also twittering ask me why later. Getting about 3 retweets per post was my twitter start up.

Though BlogSpot doesn't provide me with a tab for twitter views as a referral site, I still believe I get 20% of my blog traffic from twitter and this is as a result of retweets and likes. I have a secret which I discovered for twitter and with this secret, I have been able to build a network of faithful retweeters and likes for my blog.

keywords as hashtags

1. Use keywords As Hashtags

"Content is king" and the keywords are the content. If you want your twitter tweet to go viral, you need to start doing things the right way. Keywords define your blog post and using them as hashtags is what makes you go pro.

Twitter hashtags are the perfect words to meet a specific audience. When you write a tweet with proper hashtags, even non-followers of your profile will see your posts.

Ask me how I get over 8 thousand tweet impressions per day with less than 600 followers? it's just amazing. This is what you can acquire when you start using keywords as tweet hashtags.

How do I find that keyword for each tweet?. It is easy!!. Simply ask yourself, the bellow questions and your hashtag keywords will come handy.
  1. What is my tweet about?
  2. Who do I want to see this tweet?
  3. What will he/she be searching for?.

What is my tweet about?

In this post, I had talked about quick ways of getting approval. I could have just posted this without hashtags but I decided to add the keyword hashtags which defined the post.

Who Do I want to see this tweet?

Next question is to ask yourself who you want to show this tweet to. Showing the tweet to the right audience is what you tweet needs to get countless retweets and likes.

As a blogger, I am most likely to retweet a tweet talking about blogging, income ways, entrepreneurship, SMM and other keywords related to my niche.

This is what knowing your audience is an about. So based on who you want to show the post to, add hashtags. In my tweet is always use "#blogger, #wordpress etc" because my targetted audience is bloggers with this my tweet get countless retweets.

What will he/she be searching for?

A football lover/fan will most likely be searching for tweets about football and sports. A wise football blogger or sports news blogger would always use hashtags based on his audience.

A blogger will most likely be searching for SEO, Adsense etc. If you must talk about any of that topic I will use them as keywords to be able to get more impressions, followers, and retweets.

2. How Often Do You Tweet? and How Often Should You Tweet?

Want competition? come on twitter. If you have ever been on the platform, then you must have experienced losing followers!. There is no day I don't lose twitter followers. It's a vice versa. The more I gain the more I lose.

How should you then keep your followers?. Ask me, I would say tweet regularly. Leave your twitter profile for a few weeks and you won't meet up to half of what you left. Instagram is deferent, I have not posted anything for the past few months and still, I didn't lose any follower.

That is competition. Twitter gives you traffic but it makes you work for it. Tweeting regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your followers and get more followers.

I Tweet Over 20 Times a day.

Yes, you heard me. I flood my followers with tweets daily and I tell you it has paid for the hard work. Imagine sitting down and writing 20 deferent topic ideas for just one post?.

It sounds hard right? Well, I have a lot of easy procedures I use, and this I will share later in this post. Noting the importance of tweeting regularly is vital.

But how come I have less than 600 followers even when I tweet over 20 times daily!. It's a mystery and just as blogging is, every day brings a new learning classroom. Am still learning why and why?. and you should not fail to follow me after reading this.

Maybe it's a curse, and I need you to break it for me!.

3. Should I Re-Tweet 1 Tweet Over Again - Over and Over Again

I said tweet regularly and you must be wondering where to get ideas to tweet regularly. This is the tricky part. Well, twitter is a one-second social media.

On facebook, I can easily find a post written by my friend in the morning but twitter is the opposite. Any tweet posted this minute dies this minute which means its only available to people online at moment.

Re-tweeting your already published tweets will expose that same tweet to more audience. Actually, you should publish a tweet over 10 times so as to meet a larger audience.

You could also tweet 100 times and won't get a like nor a retweet. This is twitter for you, doing the right thing is what you need and later in this post, I will explain what you should do to get even higher retweets than me.
always tweet something new

4. Retweet Others with similar topics and Mention Them.

This strategy has worked for me. I have some persons on twitter which I don't know but social media has brought us to become twitting friends. All I did was set up a free hashtag retweet automation tool (i will show you this later).

You will not be successful as a human if you are selfish. I used to be very selfish with my accounts including my blog. I normally reject guest posts thinking the writers just want to steal my few followers until when I realised the power in actually retweeting.

What you get from retweeting others

  1. More followers
  2. Faithful retweeters
  3. Twitter friends
  4. Constant tweets for your readers.

It's actually a simple logic. If you like what you just read, there is a high probability of your twitter followers liking it too. So sharing the tweet to your audience builds a better relationship between you and other persons in the same niche.

With the help of the retweet automation tool, I was able to retweet others without me doing the job. I just come on my account and meet tweets related to blogging or with blogging as hashtag twitted for me. This not only increased my retweets but also fed my audience with constant tweets. - Never a dull moment.

How About Using Mentions (@)?

There is nothing bad in mentioning me when retweeting me!. I always do this on my tweets. I figured out that mentioning people while retweeting their post, increases your chance of them following you especially celebrities.

Knowing where you belong is a key to be found because it's vital. As one who wanted to go viral on twitter, I had to look for people doing what am doing (blogging) and I started retweeting them using mentions. I have done this a couple of times with Jide, Harsh, Mohammed and other top bloggers.
viral tweets

5. Go for what is trending and Viral

"GOAL.... @Coutinho scores for Liverpool #liverpool #premierleague #epl". Every football fan will definitely like and retweet that. For every niche you belong, there is a topic trending which everybody wants to read.

Going Viral requires going for what is trending. I always go for trending hashtags and try to create something unique for that hashtag. Even when you as a blogger don't have that as a post on your blog, just tweet it and followers and retweets will flow!.

If you have ever studied twitter or other social media networks, you would know that trending celebrity, news, sports always get the highest retweets. If you want retweets you have to start doing that go for that hot hashtag and write on it. The result will wow you.

6. Use Rich Media When tweeting (Videos, Images and GIF)

Images and rich medias are the attraction point of every powerful tweet. The posts with highest likes and retweets are always posts with images and videos. Not just adding a media file, go for images that tell the story behind your tweet.

I prefer animated images (GIF) for this. Even when an animated GIF is not related to your tweet just place in a funny GIF and you will get tired! of retweets. Everyone love GIF and will most likely get attracted to it.


Images are important for your tweets. When you add twitter cards to your blog, twitter will automatically generate an image from your post for every link you share to twitter from your blog. Twitter is cool and unlike facebook where people can read your post with or without images.

Twitter is different. Twitter is used by businessmen who have one or two things to do, thus all they do is scroll and with a rich image, you can grab someone's attention else your tweet will just scroll down to the bin.


Talk about rich media then you need GIF images. Short animated images telling a story same way a video would do. Imagine seeing a funny GIF image, you are most likely to read what was written on it.

I experimented this few weeks back. On google plus, I found a GIF image of some cat which was really funny, all I did was download it and add it to my next tweet - that tweet got thousand of impressions and don't forget I have less than 600 followers, (then it was about 200+ followers).

So where did the thousand of impressions come from? - retweets.
twitter monthly impressions


The real deal! especially for sport, news, music and fashion bloggers. A little short video added to your tweet will increase the interaction. - I have never done this! but as I intend to increase my blog niche to videos tutorials, I will start doing it.

The most retweeted tweets I have seen, often have videos.

7. Run Twitter Ads

At first, I didn't want to add twitter ads to the list but then at some point in blogging, you really need to spend money to achieve a positive result.

Running a twitter ads is easy and effective. A well-prepared ad spot on twitter can bring you thousands of likes and retweets. Twitter provided this for celebrities, and startup business owners to enable them to boost their website using twitter.

I am planning on running an advert on twitter and facebook since I get a high number of fans visiting my blog from there. Without twitter ads, you can also get massive retweets and likes as long as you follow the above tips.
twitter analytics

8. Know What you are doing - Twitter Analytics

There is no better way of getting to a safe destination than knowing where you are going. I can only boost my page views when I know my daily page views.

Twitter analytics provides you with the most accurate of data to help you calculate your daily impressions, likes, and retweets. Use the tool to find out what you are doing right or wrong.

It can also serve as a motivator to you because I remember when my post hit 41K impressions in just 28days I was very happy and that made me work more on twitter.

Free Tools I use on Twitter

At various point of this post, I mentioned a few tools I should in optimising my tweets for better performance. I don't think you will be satisfied without me sharing the tools I use. so let's take a quick look at them. do read "11 Must Have Free Social Media Management Tools To Increase Followers, Likes, and Shares" for cooler social media tools.

Buffer & SocialPilot

These are the guys I use for scheduling all my tweets. Each free platform allows me to schedule 10 tweets per day which sum up to 20 posts per days.

Buffer and SocialPilot don't only schedule tweets, they also post to your facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.


I always mentioned finding the perfect and trending keyword for your tweets. Well, RiteTag is what you need to get that done. it's free and it lets you search for keywords related to a specific topic and with that, you can easily increase your blog productivity.

I read about it on a friend's blog and since then I have used RiteTags to optimize my tweets and it's been so amazing.

LinKis Curator

I used Linkis a few years back but I wasn't satisfied, guess I just did not know how to use it. After a few years back when I posted after garanntor domain purchase, and I got a retweet from Garanntor. On clicking, it took me to a blog which included the linkis sidebar.
twitter activity
I ran further experiments and then I found out that with Linkis curator, you can actually retweet others automatically. All you need is to place in a particular hashtag and it will tweet for you once you have no latest tweet.

FeedBurner Twitter automation.

Well for everything you need a forward man. Feedburner automatically sends your recent blog post to your twitter profile. You can also add hashtags to the tweet, this is one of the features I love about Feedburner email service.

Rounding Up.

Twitter is a home for driving traffic to your blog. I have seen big bloggers testify of it and not also just traffic, with twitter hashtags, you can always find the right audience for your tweets and posts. It might be hard to build an active twitter community but it's worth it.

Guess good things don't come around easily. If you are financially OK, you can meet some social media marketers to make your brand go trending.

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I have used these above tips, to grow a twitter community full of likes and retweeters. I don't miss a day without twitter tweets. SEO when properly done can bring organic traffic but still, you need social media traffic to get your page views increased.
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