make a brandGood News - We are Rebranding!!.

On a goal to serve you better we are integrating new and interesting features which we believe are going to be awesome. But before this, we would love to pass a piece of information to our faithful blog readers and also we have a lot of questions we wish to ask. Hope you care to answer all of them all!!.

obhiaba blog goal

Our goal right from the creation of this blog is to be able to teach and educate young entrepreneurs are lucky to become bloggers, social media marketers, email marketers and which so ever techy group you belong. Over the past few years, we have been able to cover a few topics on blogging, social media optimization and we wish to do better these next few years coming.

We are getting better!!

Our greatest happiness is seeing our customers and blog readers doing well and happy with our services both the free ones and the premium ones. And if you are wondering why I am saying "Our" when the blog is a personal blog, here is the reason - Guest posting and guest posters!. Yea.

what obhaiba blog offers

Guest Posting

As one of our rebranding goals, we will be integrating a free guest posting platform that lets every visitor and subscriber to the blog send articles and get them published. But not every article will be approved though!. Guidelines coming soon!.

More Topics

Yea! more topics. We will be covering more topics in blogging and technology. Now we will feature topics on WordPress, Email Marketing, Social Media, Latest and Most recommended Technology development and much more. Giving you the very best and our post will be more detailed with images and videos to put you through.

How About Video Tutorials?

Yep. We are adding this feature. More in depth tutorials with videos to make the whole procedures very easy for you and not just that we will also make efforts to add videos to all our tutorials from the easiest to the toughest we are going to get your back. Blogging Made Easy And Fun!.

Now You can get An Ebook for your Favourite Topic!.

After an in-depth study of blogging and bloggers, we have realized that many persons love Ebooks and these can help build their blogging career. Therefore we going to be publishing Ebooks for popular and wide topics. Topics such as SEO, building a money making blog, Affiliate marketing, and many other topics will be getting E-books.

Tools Section.

We are going to be recommending the best, free and premium tools to make your blogging life a success. Tools relating to all our topics will be featured in a separate section and a guide on how to use will be provided also.

We are Changing Blog Name!!.. Are you excited?

After the complaints about our blog name, we are finally changing to a more human-friendly blog name which will be a "Brand Name" as we keep going. I am very happy to announce this to you and as I have always done. You can suggest a name for us and if your's get picked, we will feature you and your blog on our sidebar for a few weeks. (1 month) this is just to appreciate you.

More Themes and Customization.

We have some amazing themes being cooked up right now for you. Themes are made free and premium versions will be provided also. SEO, fast loading, Magazine, Mobile friendly BlogSpot and WordPress themes are coming to your favorite blog.

Introducing push notification and Newsletter.

We are making it easier for you to getting out latest and most performing articles straight into your inbox. Push notification and MailChimp newsletter are coming soon to your favorite blog.

support obhiabablog

A few questions from me to you

What would you want to see on this blog? - let us know.

What would you want us to remove from this blog?.

How can we serve you better?

What name would you want for this blog?

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