Garanntor Nigeria is a Nigerian based domain name provider which you as a BlogSpot blogger can purchase your custom domain name from with free DNS management and Email Forwarding.

If you are still thinking of getting your blogger blog a domain name, then you should Check out the effect top level domain (TLD) has on your SEO. It is pretty easy and straight for to set up your blogger blog custom domain DNS settings when using garanntor as your domain name provider.

How To Setup Garanntor Blogger Blog Custom Domain DNS.

First thing first, you must have purchased a custom domain name from Garanntor. (note: other services like Godaddy, Namecheap work pretty well too).

Step 1
Go to >> Settings >> Basic >> Publishing >> Now click on "+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog".

Step 2
Type in your new domain name (e.g into space with "blog domain". An error will show up "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 5" - Don't worry it's all part of the process.


Step 3
Leave your BlogSpot settings page and open a new tab. Go to and log in to client zone. In the client zone, go to "Domains" in your domains portal click on the icon next to settings. On the drop down, select DNS management.


Step 4.
On the DNS manager page, we are going to set up the DNS records for your new domain. Don't be confused, you will meet some records already set, don't worry about them, with Garanntor its all part of the process.

Setting Blogger CNAME With Garanntor.

You will meet some CNAMES already set. How to know CNAME? in the menu of records just locate any record under "TYPE" with CNAME. Now we are going to set CNAMES for BlogSpot blog.

Step 1.
Scroll down to "Add a new DNS record". You should see the name of your new domain under "HOST NAME". Now just above the domain name, type in "www" without the double quote. Then move to "type" and select "CNAME". Now locate "VALUE" under value, you will see "Address", Click under it and paste this code "" without the double quote. Click the "Save" below and a new CNAME will be recorded.


Step 2.

Using the same procedure above, we are going to set the second CNAME but this time, we will be using the specific code for our blog. How to get specific DNS CNAME code for my blog?. Go back to the tab for blogger settings and you will see some codes under the Error code.


They will look similar to the below one, simply add the first one under www (e.g bic537q5awot) as "HOST NAME", Under type select "CNAME" and set the one under "" (e.g as Address. Once done, Save.

Setting Blogger IP With Garanntor Domain

Next is to create the IP (A) records for your blogger blog. To do this, go back to your Garanntor DNS setting page and follow the instructions below.

We are going to set 4 IPs and I expect you to use the same method which I am going to show you for the 4.

The IPs to be used.

Step 1
Go down to Add a new DNS record. Under "HOST NAME" input "@" without double quote >> Under type select "A" >> Under Address Input the first IP above (i.e and Save. Use this same procedure to set the other 3 IPs. and Click "Save Changes" when done.

Step 2
After setting up the four IPs, wait for about 5 to 15mins (note: it might take up to 4hours) within this time, your domain name will be registered all over the web. After waiting for the required time, go back to blogger settings and once again click save. Your domain will save and won't give any more errors.

Step 3.
Now you have to set blogger to redirect now www web pages to www. (e.g to To do this. Go to settings page >> Basic >> Publishing >> beside your new domain, click edit and space will show up with "Redirect to Tick this option and Save.

What Blogger Say About Custom Domain

As of the time of writing this post, blogger supports and encourage Custom domain names but put in mind that Custom domain for BlogSpot blogs do not work with SSL certificates (HTTPS) and I know that won't be a problem. You can read more about setting up a custom domain for BlogSpot blogs at Google instructional page.

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This is the same way I have linked up my blogger domain name with garanntor. Using the above guide you can easily Setup your Blogger Blog Custom Domain DNS with Garanntor and any other domain name provider.

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