GaranntorNigeria is Nigeria's first Web hosting and Domain name registering services to build it's infrastructure here in Nigeria and also Garanntor offers cheap and affordable .Com,, .Org, .Ng domains names bloggers.

Garanntor Nigeria a new domain provider and we believe they have come to stay. Purchasing a domain name from Garanntor cheap and affordable so also is transferring your domain name to Garanntor. You get extra one year of free service after a successful transfer.

Why Garanntor Nigeria?

I asked myself this same question before I transferred my domain name from Domainking.Ng to - During the transfer, their support team helped my transfer everything without me doing any settings.

Aside from that, their support team also helped me Fix DNS error can not resolve host name which made my blog to be down for nearly two days. Their support team is efficient and always available.

Another reason why you should purchase a domain name from Garanntor Nigeria is because their domain names including .com are very cheap and affordable and also your yearly payment is cheaper than your first-year payment.

Free Domain Name Services From

When you purchase a domain name from, you get free 1year access to a few services which you need to get your new blog and domain name started. These services are free for the first year.

Email Forwarding 

Get your own personalized email address such as for your blog with integration to your phone and PC mailbox.

DNS Management

Easily manage the domain name server of your blog. You can easily setup your domain name on blogger BlogSpot using your DNS management.

Garanntor Nigeria Domain Names and Prices

This prices reflect Garanntor domain name prices as of March 21th, 2017 and may change. You could get it either cheaper or more expensive. - N1,150 - N1,150
.ng - N9,500
.com - N4,000
.net - 4,500
.org N5,000

How To Purchase A Domain Name From Garanntor Nigeria.

Purchasing a domain name from is quite the same procedure with purchasing a domain name from other domain name providers.

Step 1 - Create An Account

Create a free account with garanntor using any secured email address known only to you. You can use Yahoo mail, Gmail and any other email address that has valid IP.

Step 2 - Search For Your Domain Name

After creating a free account successfully, and also after considering the domain name you wish to use and don't forget the domain name should be short, easy to remember and also it should relate to the blog niche you are appreciating.

Visit Garanntor Nigeria domain search page and look out for the domain name you wish to use. (e.g, etc).

  1. Type in your preferred domain name into the box
  2. Click "Find" to curate available domains
  3. If available, On the next page click on "Add to Cart".
  4. Next step is to click "Checkout"

Step 3 - Domain Name Configuration

At this step, you need to be careful not to neglect some freebies. On this page watch out for "DNS MANAGEMENT" and "EMAIL FORWARDING". Make sure you tick the two boxes before clicking "Continue".


Step 4 - Pay For Domain Name Purchase Using ATM Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

This is the final step in purchasing a domain name from Garanntor Nigeria for a blogger or WordPress blog. At this point, you can confirm your order using Either PayPal, Bank Transfer or ATM Card (Paystack).

Tick the option at the far bottom to accept Garanntor domain name provider terms and conditions. If you have found a promo code for Garanntor domain, simply insert it at the right sidebar before you click "Complete Order".

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This is how simple it is to purchase a .com,, .org or any other domain name from Garanntor Nigeria at a very cheap and affordable rate. Feel free to contact me if you need my help. I have helped people purchase domains without charging.

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