Fixed: DNS Error While Resolving Host Name
Over the past few days, my blog ( was offline with the error "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" Now it has been fixed and I apologize for any inconvenience and as a way of rendering my apology I will brief you on what led to that error and how to fix it.

DNS Error While Resolving Host Name

This Error occurs when you have not properly placed your Nameservers in your DNS management panel. which means a domain name provider which your domain name is pointing to. "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" will be shown to anyone that visits your blog except the visitors who cached your page.

How "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" Started 

Earlier this week, I had moved my domain name from to Garrantor because of shut down. I transferred the domain easily to Garanntor and for a few days, everything seemed okay!.

After about 2-3 days a blog visitor emailed me about not being able to visit my blog. I too tried visiting my blog and the Error affected me too. Later that day (night) I tried using another sim card (MTN) and it opened but as the days went by my site became totally inaccessible.

I thought of what the issue might be and had no solution. At that point, I wondered if Google (BlogSpot) had deleted my blog for no reason. So I kept on searching for a solution on the net based on that error.

Effect Of "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" On My Blog

For the few days, my blog had "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" I could not see my blog posts neither were my visitors. The big blow came in when my daily page views read "0". It affected my traffic, visitors and I pray it doesn't have an effect on my SEO (domain power) because I noticed some drop in my Alexa Rank.

What Caused "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name"

The cause of this Error on my blog was because I didn't change the nameservers of my domain when I transferred my domain from domainking to garrantor. My domain name ( was still pointing to Domainking servers even after the transfer.

How I fixed DNS Error While Resolving Host Name

When I was able to figure out what the actual cause of the problem was, I quickly sent an email to my domain name provider (Garanntor) and in no time they got back to me. The told me what to do and despite that, I insisted on them fixing the issue themselves.

It was barely 4 hours after my request, my domain came up and now you can view my blog on your mobile, desktop and laptop. Should in case you have DNS Error While Resolving Host Name on your blog, just contact your domain name provider or better still change your Nameservers in the client area.

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So this is how I was able to solve DNS Error While Resolving Host Name. Am sorry for the inconvenience it might have caused you all. I guess some errors make us find out more tricks and tips. I send a million thanks to Garrantor for helping me clear this Error.

Happy to have you all back!
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