Social Media optimization is a lead to building good site traffic and membership. Using follow and share buttons with counter can amazingly increase the social engagement on your blog. Free Social media share and follow plugins such as AddThis are great ways of increasing blog traffic.

AddThis social media plugin is a free plugin built to increase social media post sharing on your blog and also to enable you easily add follow buttons to your blog. This free plugin works on both WordPress blogs and Blogspot Blogs.

It comes with a counting feature that displays the number of shares per post on your blog. AddThis is quite similar to MBT share buttons with counter and also AddThis share button is fully responsive, fast loading and mobile friendly.

What Is AddThis Plugin - Share And Follow Buttons.

Social Media and Google search are the two major blog traffic machines. In other to increase the number of visitors coming to your blog and reading your post, you need a free social media plugin which will add animated sharing buttons to your blog thereby enabling visitors to your blog to easily share your posts to the various network.
AddThis - Social Media Share And Follow Buttons With Counter
AddThis is a social media tool with awesome features such as easy integration, daily share and follow statistics and also email marketing. It has a free email marketing feature that lets you collect emails from the visitors of your blog. How cool?.

Features Of AddThis Plugin

  1. Responsive
  2. Fast Loading
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. Increase Traffic
  5. Share button with counter
  6. Daily share statistics
  7. Follow buttons
  8. Jumbo buttons
  9. Email marketing tools
  10. Pop up tools
  11. Recommended posts
  12. Related post

AddThis is Responsive

All free and premium tools available for usage at AddThis is made responsive. It fits well into all screen sizes, from mobile phones to desktops and laptops. No CSS styling to make this responsive, it works on its own.

Fast Loading

AddThis plugin can easily be installed in BlogSpot and WordPress with high-speed guaranteed. All scripts from AddThis are loaded from a fast and secure server but if you are on BlogSpot, then consider eliminating rendering JavaScript.

Mobile Friendly

A free plugin that provides a different version for mobile phones. AddThis provides floating share buttons for mobile phones and it doesn't affect the loading speed of your blog.

Increase Traffic

More shares - More Traffic - More Engagement. By using AddThis share plugin on your blog, it becomes easy for visitors to easily share your blog posts and this will increase your blog traffic.

Share Button With Counter

If you install Jumbo Share share counter from AddThis, you will get a dynamic view of the number of shares from various social media network. This counter is animated and looks great.

Daily Share Statistics

Aside from seeing the number of post shares, you also get a personal dashboard with all the activities, button clicks, shares, followers, and email. This dashboard lets your know which posts and building more engagement.

Follow Buttons

Build up more social media followers, likes and friends using AddThis plugin. Easy to add fancy buttons can just double your page likes and twitter followers.

Email Marketing Tools

AddThis provides email management services just as FeedBurner. You have already made eye-catching pop-up widgets to start to collect emails.

Recommended & Related Post

To spice it all up, you get to add a slide in recommendation box and also a widget which shows related posts. This can be added to the sidebar, footer and below blog posts.

How To Add AddThis Social Media Plugin To Blogger & WordPress

Step 1 - Create A Free Account.

The first step to unveiling AddThis is to create a free account using either your email, Facebook or Google Plus.

Step 2 - Select a Tool

After creating an account, then you will be redirected to a page where you can select a tool. Keep in mind that you can use all the tools available on this page on your blog.
  • Share Buttons
  • Follow Buttons
  • Related Post
  • List Building
  • Link Promotion.
I am going to choose Share Buttons at first.
addthis plugin tools

On this new page, select any share button that you wish to add to your blog. You can choose Inline, Floating, Popup and any tool at all. I am trying the floating out first.

Step 3 - Style Your Button.

You can change the colours, the number of share buttons to display and anything you wish to add to your buttons. Just style them.

Step 4 - Install Widget in Blogger And WordPress

AddThis plugin can be added to any website platform, including WordPress and Blogspot.

Install AddThis Plugin Blogger

If you are using BlogSpot as your host, simply follow the below steps to add AddThis to Blogger.
install addthis plugin

Copy the code shown under the "HTML" tab after you save your button. The code will be shown as the one in the image above.

Go to >> Themes >> Edit HTML >>  Search for <head>.

Paste the code right above <head> in your blogger theme. And don't forget to apply the steps in eliminating rendering blocking JS to the above script. Save when done.

Install AddThis Plugin WordPress

If you are on WordPress, then simply click on WordPress in the integration page and AddThis will show you a step by step guide to install AddThis WordPress plugin.

How To Install AddThis Follow Buttons

With same procedures used for Share buttons, you can also add Follow buttons. Follow buttons increases your followers and likes.

In your dashboard >> Tools >> Add New Tool >> Select Follow Button

Choose between Inline and Header (top floating). Add your social links and that's all. 

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This is a simple way to add social media share and follow buttons to blogger and Wordpress blog. AddThis is a free social media plugin that provides bloggers with related posts, link building option, email marketing, follow and share buttons.

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