Social Media Optimization is a key to blogging success. If you wish to get more likes, followers, posts shares and retweets then you need free tools, and tips such as this 11Must Have Free Social Media Management Tools To Increase Followers, Likes, and Shares.
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Social media optimization is the quickest way to get an instant view of your blog posts, write up, new picture and anything you wish to send out to the world. This becomes nearly impossible if you do not have a lot of active followers to like, share and engage your new upload or tweet.

These free social media tools are the best free tools to get thousands of Facebook page likes, Twitter followers and Instagram followers. And with these free tool, you can also engage your fans without even posting.

You can easily unfollow those not following you back, you can also delete spammers, get a few hundred human followers daily and get a lot of retweet and post shares.

While using these free social media management, automation, and scheduling tools, we will categorize them into small topics. Free Social Media Tools To Increase Post Shares and Engagement, Free Social Media Scheduling and Marketing Automation Tools, Free Social Media Tools To Get More Twitter Followers,  Free Social Media Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users.

11 Free Social Media Management Tools To Increase Followers, Likes, and Shares

  1. Hashtag
  2. Crowdfire
  3. BufferApp
  4. SocialPilot
  5. FeedBurner
  6. Twiends
  7. Tweepi
  8. Unweep
  9. MangeFlitter
  10. Socialoomph
  11. Friend or Follow.

Free Social Media Tools To Increase Post Shares and Engagement

1. RiteTag

Ever wondered how some users get a lot of views, retweet, and likes from just a single post?. It's all social media optimization. Using Hashtags in your tweets and posts increase your social media exposure.

RiteTag free tool provides you with an extension which will help you in finding the best hashtag to use. It suggests the most performing hashtags based on likes, retweet, daily view, and activeness. Always go for Green!.

2. CrowdFire

A multipurpose social media tool. Crowdfire is one of the best Twitter automation, scheduling and management tool you can find. It gives you room for nearly everything. Send Automatic DM (Direct Messages) and edit your profile.

It is easy to use, and it actually builds up a real Twitter account with a lot of followers, tweets, and retweets. Very easy to use and extremely efficient at usage.

Free Social Media Scheduling and Marketing Automation Tools 

3. BufferApps

The bufferApp is a common and well performing social media auto-sharing app. With Buffer free plan, you can setup only 4 accounts, 1 per each social media account. I really love buffer app because of its extra plugins and scheduling list. I once shared a Facebook post using buffer. Provide browser extensions to it users. You can share anything that is shareable with buffer. You choose what to be displayed next and can also opt to add custom Facebook branding (premium only).

4. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is easy to use social media scheduling tool with various options available. Just like the BufferApp, you can only setup up 4 social media accounts.

Social Pilot perform nearly same functions with buffer. You can create automatic short URL with any URL shortening services of your choice.

Schedule when your posts should be published. Also, you can check out the best times to post to social media profile like Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, and Google Plus.

5. FeedBurner Automatic Twitter Poster

FeedBurner is a free subscription service provided by Google. FeedBurner is amazing. With Feedburner, you can increase your blog traffic and SEO drastically. It lets you automatically tweet to twitter, ping shot posts, and lot more.

It's a free Twitter management tool that can be used to automatically schedule all your posts immediately they are published on your blog. It adds hashtags using your blog label, and you can also add a prefix or suffix text. Free link shortening service added also.

Free Social Media Tools To Get More Twitter Followers

6. Twiends

Twiends is a free social media tool for boosting or increasing followers. Twiends can give you over 1000 thousand followers a day, and all you only need to do is follow others so people can follow you too.

Twiends will work well for any blogger, marketer, entrepreneur, Twitter celebrity, etc. Twiends also provide an easy way to get over 1k follows a day with just $1.

It's more like a free offer for your first day of using Twiends. After that first offer, you can feature your profile for $9.95

7. Tweepi

There is no better way of getting followers apart from you following others. Tweepi is incredibly unique and with impressive features. You can use this tool for free just as I do or better still go for a premium plan.

On the dashboard, you can quickly gain more followers by following other people. By doing so more users will start following you too. An interactive way of getting a high number of follows.

Free Social Media Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

8. UnTweeps

List them all out and let me remove them all at once. UnTweeps is the perfect tool for that. It lists out at a time 30 persons not following you back or not active and give you the option to tick and unfollow all at once.

Totally free and with this tool you can actually build a real twitter account. Without having spammers and dead people filling up your following list.

9. ManageFlitter

At some point in life, you just have to get rid of fake friends. ManageFlitter does just that. Not every user is worth following on Twitter. If they don't see your profile interesting enough then you definitely don't want to keep them on your follow list.

ManageFlitter is a free tool you can freely use to unfollow inactive users, unfollow those not following back, unfollow users without profile picture (possible spammers).

10. Socialoomph

Socialoomph is another great social media management and automation tool a blogger can use to schedule, send automatic DM (direct message), unfollow nonfollowers and also unfollow inactive users.

Socialoomph is very easy to use but charges you a little plan fee in other for you to use all features. But still, the free program is still quite useful and can do a whole lot of social media management work for you.

11. Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is a great twitter tool I use for unfollowing those that did not follow me back. By removing such accounts, I get to add more persons to my 2000 follow request limit.

Friend or Follow has a very user-friendly interface. All you need to do is sign up with your Twitter account, and it will automatically search for all Twitter users you are following but not are following you back.

You can easily unfollow them right from there by hovering over it and click on following. This will unfollow the person.

Other Important Free Social Media Tools

  1. Facebook Fan Box
  2. Twitter Timeline
  3. Grammarly ProofReader
  4. Bitly URL Shortener
  5. Social Media Share Buttons
  6. Social Media Counters

5 Twitter Tips To Increase Followers

  1. Follow Like-Minded People
  2. Tweet Often
  3.  Know when to tweet
  4.  Follow back anyone who follows you
  5. Use hashtags when tweeting.

5 Facebook Tips To Increase Fanpage Likes

  1. Share your page and make your friends do same.
  2. Consider converting your profile to a page.
  3. Merge two pages together
  4. Post often and tag people when posting
  5. Invite friends to like the page.

5 Instagram Tips to gain more followers

  1. Post regularly
  2. Follow and comment on celebrity posts
  3. Become a model by posting excellent photos of yourself
  4. Pick a niche (cooking, fashion, photography, lifestyle, etc.)
  5. Share your Instagram posts to facebook and twitter.

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Social media profiles are traffic driving machines, and every blogger should start taking advantage of this. Also, make your blog 100% Friendly by adding meta tags and optimizing your images for high speed. I believe this 11 Must Have Free Social Media Management Tools To Increase Followers, Likes, and Shares are unique tools, and you can add yours as well in the comment box.
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