Why You Should Speed Up Your Blogger/WordPress Blog?... Blogging is digging deep into the heart and mind of a young entrepreneur, and now then you tend to see a lot of new blogs coming into existence. Some come and stay while some close up due to high competition and lack of improvements.

I know your primary purpose of starting a blog is to make money, but that doesn't mean you don't have the passion for blogging. Yes, you do have the passion, but still, you want the money because it can pay for a couple of bills or so.

If you want your blog to be dead. Okay kill it but if you want it alive than you have to strive to make it stand the competition. I guess you know there are a lot of people out there with blogs making dollars and pounds daily. And also blogs with many readers. So what's the secret?. They won't tell you.

There are numerous reasons, while I will visit a blog, one remains the page loading speed. I just hate sluggishness so when your blog is slow I will pass by. This is why you should improve your blog. Whether it is a website, blog on Blogspot or WordPress, you need speed.

Why You Should Speed Up Your Blog

1. Reduce Bounce Rate.

Pagespeed has a major effect on the blog bounce rate. The more bounce rate you get, the more your search ranking will be lost. Bounce rate directly informs search engine the number of times people click back from your blog.

Many bloggers today have this problem, and they don't know that low page speed is killing their blog.

2. Increase Blog Traffic.

Page Speed is a major reason why we lose active visitors. When your blog is slow in loading, then must of your visitors will not come back because slow loading sites kill the zeal of reading your article.

This happens especially to mobile phone visitors who will have to wait minutes for a page on your blog to load. When your blog is fast loading, you will get more daily views, returning visitors, page views per visitor and also increased organic traffic.

3. Improve SERP Presence (Search Engine Result Page)

If you want to see your posts and blog ranking well in search engines, page speed is one of the things you should work on. Fast loading blogs are tagged as user-friendly or mobile friendly. Google uses this to rank your blog and pages Increase your blog speed and enjoy good SERP.

4. Improves SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Today, there are a lot of SEO experts and also article recommending to you best SEO practices to get your blog on search engines. Speed is one out of the best tips to increase blog SEO.

When your site is fast loading, then you have passed a step to improving SEO. This because Google, Bing, Yandex and any other search engine have placed a percentage of ranking on blogs that are fast and user-friendly. 

5. Doubles Blog Earnings (Income).

If you are a blogger running affiliate ads on your blog, speeding up your blogger blog will definitely increase your earning. Most ads platform including Alternative Ads (high paying PPC/CPM affiliate) pays you per number of clicks and impressions.

With a fast loading blog, your blog visitors increases will automatically increase your ads impression and aside from that, the higher the page views, the higher the chances of getting relevant clicks.

Tips To Increase Blogger/WordPress Blog Speed 

1. Optimize/Minify Your Images

As you strive to speed up your Blogger or WordPress blog, you have to consider minifying and optimizing your images. Images are imported from your blog, but then they reduce your blog loading speed.

2. Use fewer Widgets/Plugins 

A blog needs widgets to function properly, but still, there should be a limit to the number of widgets you are adding to your blog. Avoid using widgets with much images, scripts, and external source files. Don't also show many widgets in your blogger mobile template.

3. Eliminate rendering blocking CSS and JavaScript.

JavaScript and CSS have a significant role to play in our blog, and if you are a template designer, you will definitely have an idea of JavaScript does. You should consider optimizing CSS delivery and also eliminate rendering blocking JS.

4. Reduce Server Response Time

Google page speed insights recommend reducing your server response time, and till date, I am still looking for to get this done.

5. Reduce the number of posts shown per page.

You might consider reducing the number of posts your show per page (home, archive, and label).

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With the above listing correctly followed, your blog will be very fast and will all know this will improve your SEO. You can easily Earn more, get more traffic and reduced bounce rate.

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    1. Going to apply particularly this tips " reduce post per page". Thanks for sharing.

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