Writing a readable content free from spelling errors is a key step towards engaging your audience this why you should learn how to ProofRead your posts with Grammarly a free Google Chrome Extension.
grammarly chrome extention
There are several google chrome extensions you can use to proofread your blog posts both in WordPress and Blogspot but Grammarly stands to be one of my favorite tools as it lets you edit tweets, correct errors on facebook update, check spellings in emails and literally lets you do anything.

I use Grammarly to correct my posts before publishing, comments I place on other blogs, articles I publish in forums and my everyday tweets and status upload.

Grammarly integrates well with Google Chrome and it is very easy to use. It doesn't require any technical know how. It is self-explanatory and lets you choose your options. It also let you correct errors yourself, adds new words to the dictionary, you could also ignore errors and complement errors.

Features Of Grammarly

  1. Auto Spell Checker.
  2. Free To Use (has a premium plan too).
  3. Works Anywhere and Everywhere.
  4. Easy to use. (self Explanatory.
  5. Add Words To Dictionary.
  6. Correct Punctuation Marks (commas, full stop, question mark etc)
  7.  Suggest right phrases, words, and sentence.
  8. Improve Your grammar usage.
  9. Analysis Usage Of Plural and Singular Terms.
  10. Word Count.

Auto Spell Checker

Grammarly automatically crawls (proofreads) your post as you are typing for wrong words and phrases. It underlines all wrong statements and suggests correct spelling, punctuation mark etc.

Free To Use

You can use this tool with basic features like the grammar checker, punctuation checker etc installed already. I use the free version and with the free version, you can create great blog posts while with the premium version you can fix advanced grammar issues.

Proof Reader That Works Anywhere And Everywhere

Once you have downloaded and installed Grammarly google chrome extension, you can make corrects on any platform. You can edit your comments, posts while writing, status updates, and tweets. As long as your browser can go there, Grammarly will work there. It works on NairaLand too.

Easy To Use

Grammarly patronizes it users with a simple and easy to use interface. You don't need to take tutorials on how to use Grammarly. It automatically appears whenever you are typing.

free grammar check

Add New Words To Dictionary

In other to make spell corrections less of a work, you can add custom words (local words) which are not in the dictionary to Grammarly. I added ObhiabaBlog to mine because I use the word frequently.

Word Count

This free tool counts the number of words you have written. This is great for bloggers who knows what is SEO and how to aim for it. 

Get Started With Grammarly For Google Chrome.

Grammarly is a fast, easy and efficient way to proofread your blog posts, facebook status, twitter tweets, emails etc to use this free tool, simply download and install the chrome Extention.
Note: The link above is my referral link which provides me a free week of premium usage. It also provides you (that is if you use the link above) a free week of Grammarly premium usage. It's a win-win.

How To Correct Errors And Spell Checks.

All you need to do is install Grammarly on your chrome browser. Whenever you are writing a post, watch out for underlining "Red" lines on words and phrases. Hover over each red line and Grammarly will suggest the correct spellings and punctuations.

It proofread your posts for correct usage of punctuation marks, e.g. the proper usage of commas, full stop, question mark etc. It is the complete proofreading chrome extension you need to improve your blog English, SEO and professionalism.

Grammarly Referal Program.

Its referral program is easy and advanced. It doesn't offer you any money. Rather it pays you with a week of free premium usage. You get to use the premium version for one week without paying. Users, you refer using that same link will also get free one-week premium usage. No sign up is required for the referral program.

Whenever you are typing, watch out for the Grammarly box (could be red or green) shown below the text area. Hover on it and it will display 4 icons. Click on the gift icon to join Grammarly referral program.

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As a blogger and online entrepreneur, I use Grammarly to proofread and edit my posts before publishing, in this way I save myself from the embarrassment of not being a good writer or properly equipped Grammarly.
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