When you are a newbie, everything is really hard to get hands into and creating an Adsense optimized About Us, Contact Us And Policy Pages In Blogspot is no exemption at all. Google Adsense has tagged this pages important in other for you to gain Adsense approval. So many people has be rejected or disapproved by Adsense due to insufficient content which in one is related to these pages.
There are various reasons you would want to create a new page in blogger and WordPress, it could be to write something about yourself, it could also be to set down rules and one other option might just be to create a contact form for people to get in touch with you.

Important Pages To Create For Adsense Approval.

As you start up your new blog, you should definitely consider knowing the important pages to create for your site and why they are important.

About Us Page.

An About Us (for multi-author blogs) while About Me (for a personal blog) is a very important page for every blog whichever platform or niche. Visitors of your blog would want to know a few things about the great writer behind the life touching articles.

Aside from just your readers, About Us page is one of the must obey policies of Google Adsense. If you want to earn money from blogging then you need to play along to the tune of Adsense.

How To Create An About Us Page In Blogger.

It's not all about creating some new page rather it's about knowing what to write on this new page. This being an about us page, the content has to meet up with some certain criteria.

For BlogSpot Bloggers

Go To >> Pages >> New Page.

For WordPress Users

Go To  >> My Sites >> Pages >> Add.

The first step to creating a page has just been completed. Next is what to write on this page.

Criteria To Writing A Great About Me Page.

While writing your content on this new page, you should consider the following things as they will guide you to writing a great about us page for your blog.

1. Talk About YourSelf.

On the first paragraph of your about us page, you would want to talk about yourself. Introduce yourself in an interactive manner. Your name, profession, likes and adventures would be great for this part. While doing this also keep watch on SEO as Proper SEO Optimisation, requires placing a link to your Google plus profile on this first paragraph.

2. Introduce Your Blog and Purpose Of Creation.

After meeting the great writer, it's time to know more about the blog. At this point, you should talk more about your blog and less about yourself. Let your readers know the purpose for the blog, when it was established, how it has helped people and why they should keep on visiting etc.

3. Let Them Contact You.

An about us page is never complete without directing readers to various places where they can follow you. I have done this on my about us page. You should endeavor to add links to these various social media handles.

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google Plus

Every other social media handle is optional. Aside from social media, you should also direct them to your contact us page and policy page. Don't forget to add your email address.

Important: Add at least one photo of yourself and blog logo to this page.

Publishing Your About Us Page.

Hopefully, with the guide above, you must have written a very informative about us page now it's time to publish it. Before that, you should check out the following settings.

BlogSpot Users

Page Settings >> Options >> Read Comments.

WordPress Users

More Options >> Disccussion

You can set this option however you like. If you wish to keep the page strictly to read and go then you can disable comments by ticking "Don't Allow. Hide Existing".

But in case you feel users should be able to interact on the about us page, simply enable comments by ticking "Allow".

Click Publish When Done.

How To Create A Great Policy Page.

A Policy page helps us tender rules and regulations to the visitors of our blog. Creating this page is pretty tensed as you have to keep nearly every phrase official.

It contains rules for the various section of the blog. In mine, I added rules related to guest posting, affiliate product reviews and also comment section. Using my method, let me show you an easy guide to follow.

1. Let Them Know You Are Serious.

On your first paragraph, you definitely want to make your visitors know that you are serious. Don't threaten them but don't also plead with them. Keep the entire paragraph official and probably add phrases like "violators of this rules will be exempted from blog comments, promotions etc". Something you know nobody wants to miss.

2. List Out Rules For Various Sections

A blog has various sections. A lot of blogs accepts guest post so you would have to write something about guest posting, a lot of persons just love spamming; so you have to set rules for commenting. I think it will also be proper to let them know you have articles on your blog with affiliate links.

3. Make Them Feel Comfortable.

Despite being official all throughout your policy page write up, you should make them feel comfortable by stressing out in an appealing manner the reasons why such policies have been set out.

What A Contact Page Really Need.

Having a contact page is crucial to your blog. Many bloggers still fail to do this and it has affected them in various ways, It can prevent you from getting Adsense approval. Most of my template buyers send me emails via my contact page.

A contact page should be simple and easy to understand. No need for a long post just show them links to social profiles, emails, and a contact form.

Guidelines To Building A Contact Page.

While growing your audience, you should also start growing ways of contacting you. Adsense Affiliate takes this page very seriously, so let's see how to create an Adsense Affiliate Optimised contact page.

1. Responsive Contact Form.

First thing first. Embed a contact form with the "email field", "name field" and "message field". This enables visitors to post you without going to their mailbox. I recommended- Blogspot Material Design Contact Form.

2. Links To Your Social Profiles

They are trying to contact you, therefore give them options to do so. Add links to all the social media networks where you are frequency active. This will prove to Adsense that you have an identity outside your blog.

3. Add Email And Phone Number.

Adding your personal or blog email address is no bad idea to building a great contact us page. Also adding your phone numbers makes it all easier for your customers to get in touch with you.

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Learning How To Write Optimised About Us, Contact Us, Policy Pages For Adsense wasn't that difficult or was it?. As a blogger aiming for professionalism and google AdSense approval, these three pages are very important to building an identity on the web.

Other pages you should consider adding to your blog includes; Sitemap, Submit Guest Post etc. Feel free to get interactive at the comments... I just love to see your comments 💕.
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