Record And Capture Sreeen On Your Laptop

Recently, i decided to start making videos for every of my posts in other to help you guys understand each post more and just as the Google Chrome Inspect Tool Series is about to kick off, i have to go look for a way to record the screen on my laptop without a manual or handing camera so i went on a search and i found a very powerful tool that make screen recording awesome and free.

I tried a making a quick screen record and it was really great, It's a free chrome extension which i believe is also available for other browsers like Firefox and UC. I have barely spent a day with it and i love it already. It provides me two records at the same time, the camera of my laptop videos a little of me while the screen is being recorded.

Video Demo

You can control all the features, like the microphone, front camera, you can pause and stop and many other cool stuffs you can do with this wonderful application.

Aside from the free tools on screen, it also gives you great refreshing privileges after recording  a video. It automatically help you uploaded your video to their free space. These same video can either be shared via social media network or downloaded to your laptop.

I love the tool and will use it to create amazing tutorial videos for you. Own a laptop and has Google Chrom installed? then get yours now.

Enjoy the free tool and share with friends.
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