Google Chrome Inspect Tool
Google Chrome provides a great tool which we can use to do a lot of useful functions on our blog as web designers. Thanks to luck and Mohammed Mustafa that gave me a brief on how to use google inspect tool. I tagged it as Google inspect tool, not because other browsers like Mozilla, UC doesn't offer it, rather because i fell in love with Google Chrome.

Second series on my blog, first series took us through a lot of coding and designing and i know many of my readers were wondering how i got to know all the Widget IDs, Width and layout of Ogbonge Blog. Well i got it via Inspect tool and i have decided to publish a tutorial series that will take u through lot of cool stuffs which we can do with Inspect Tool.
As a blogger or web designer, Inspect Tool is the best thing that has ever happened to me. At first i found it confusing and useless but as i kept on exploring it i found out that it is one of the very free tools that separate pro bloggers from newbies.

One of the beauty of Inspect Tool, is that it gives you everything you need to create a professional, fast, neatly coded and 100% responsive blogger template. Aside from it being able to do all that, it serves as a live editor since it allows you to view every little work you do directly as you are doing it. If you change the background color of a widget on the inspect tool, it will show it to you.

What To Expect From Google Inspect Tool Series

Below is the list of all the posts that will be published with time on this series, from the very basics to the most complicated. 

  • Find Widget ID, Section ID Using Inspect Tool
  • Edit Fonts, Colors Using Inspect Tool
  • Understanding Margins And Padding
  • First Step To Creating Responsive Template
  • Add Background Image to Header, Body, Sidebar, Widget Using Inspect Tool

Hopefully all the above posts will be published on this series and other articles will be added to it. If you have an idea on Inspect Tool and want to write a guest post on it, feel free to contact me! and if need be to publish your post, i will do just that.

Series Requirement

Before one can fully benefit from this series, a few requirements must be met. Though not compulsory but learning along side me is better than just reading.

Some of the tutorials will come with a YouTube video for quicker and better understanding.

1. Laptop/Desktop Browser

A good desktop browser with Inspect Tool. All my tutorials will be based on Google Chrome but a few other browsers below, provide you with inspect tool. 
  • UC Browser
  • Moxilla Firefox

2. Test Blog

A test blog is essential and i will recommend you to use one of the default templates provided by Blogger.

3. Notepad

As the series kick off you will find out the need of a notepad. For now let me keep its importance to myself.

Final Words

Everything on this blog is provided free, except a few templates that are premium. In other to help this blog keep running, i encourage you to always clink on an advert or banner at the sidebar to support us with $0.1.

Have any questions? leave your comments below, it let me know that i am not just posting for people that don't care. Thanks to Marx Oduogu and Emmanuel Ochem for always leaving comments to encourage me.
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    2. I am enjoying your work guy. This is cool.

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