What Do You Teach Your Children

What Do You Teach Your Children
Gone are the days when education was tagged Informal and Formal because in recently times all parents do is dump their children at various educational institutions without even knowing what knowledge the child gain daily. Parents now fail to remember that what they teach their children plays a great role in Nation building and this little mistake later matures into the crises and problems Nigeria as a country is facing today.
Enrolling your little child at the Kindergarten is a great foundation for that child in terms of academic abilities but what about the most important one! Moral abilities? We soon fail to realize that what a female child learns at home is what she takes to her husband’s house not what she learnt in school. This accounts for why there are lot of young men and women having children and still don’t know what is moral upbringing because at their own young age, their parents failed.
Most Countries in the world today, that are doing well in terms of development and fight against corruption are countries that place lot of value in the upbringing of a child. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows he will not depart from it – Proverbs 22:6. Not until most parents figure out a way to educate their children at tender ages, government error will keep on taking place and the country will held to more destruction.
A child who at the age of 10 is already voting with an Illegal voter’s card registered for him/her by the father just because the candidates might throw out petty bribes at the election field. The father have not only collected bribe rather he has just taught the child how to sell his vote for petty bribe. If this continue, the future which is suppose to be brighter becomes a nightmare.

My Child And My Job Which Should I Leave For The Other.

One good quality about Esan women in politics is their ability to bring out the truth through songs. The government we are today, i will eat and give to my child to eat – This song was once sang by a party in Nigeria. My child vs My Job which should be top priority?. Without thinking, the answer is your child because of few reasons i will list and explain below.
A Bright Future is Better Than A Brighter Today: A man is listed among the list of blessed and successful persons not just by working with the biggest of companies but by what he has placed in the life of his children. If at the age of 8, your child has already mastered how to miss daddy, then my brother you better trace back your foot step.
A man with 10 children who are future leaders is more successful than that who is a President today and have no one to succeed him. Dreams and hopes are for the future not today. You don’t dream to have a great today rather you dream for a brighter future. 

I have a dream that one day a black man will be the president of the US – Martin Luther King Jr, today, Obama is in office as the first black US president.

Now which is your future and which is your today? A day teaching my child morals and a day at my work place which is of greater applauds?. Apart from those that are employed. Nigerian celebrities who are parents have included themselves to the set of parents that don’t even know what their child’s favourite meal is. – Shame to them and their fame!.

You can’t curb bribing and corruption with your jail terms. Rather you prepare for a better tomorrow. This is a fact the Nigerian political leaders on a chase to end corruption in the country should understand – An infected vessel is infected, instead of curing that vessel, first try and prevent the uninfected ones from getting infected. As you keep on fighting the already corrupted leaders and not paying attention to the young innocent ones, you are only doing one thing! Breeding more corrupted humans.

When Parents Fail At Proper Child Upbringing, Who Suffers?

When you as a father, a mother having  child, fail at your job in being their guardian you have committed sin against God and successfully traded your child to the devil. Education will teach them to solve maths and understand many things about the country but it doesn’t teach them to differentiate between Good and Bad. Every good ability has a bad side. It depends on which side you choose to use. A child who get involved in malpractice to pass examination is actually intelligent because only an intelligent person can take cheats to the hall and won’t get caught.
Not every body can get involved in the recent trend of the day “Internet Fraudulence” but some come out successfully. It takes intelligence to be able to steal from another via the internet. This is why we should pull more weight at moral teaching and enlighten our future leaders on obligations and duties to the country.
Africans tend to copy the white man in nearly everything. From our cultural lifestyle, we have successfully deviated into the western clothing and outfits. But what we should really learn from them, we don’t learn it. Despite the way the white men behave and live. Their children remain top priority with nearly all attention to the child.
Spare the rod spoil the child – Proverbs 13:24 – This is the only way we treat our children, beat them every now and then, forgetting the same bible that said in Ephesians 6:1, Colossians 3:20 “Children obey your parents” also said “Parents do not provoke your children”Ephesians 6:4, Colossians 3:21 . As a failed parent, you have just killed the future of all your struggles and that of the country.
A strong king that has defeated all neighboring kingdoms and fail to teach his children how he conquer is a few years to being destroyed. Parents stop putting what is of today over what will benefit the entire country and generations to come. When king Saul lost the throne to David. He did not just lose it alone, he added the future of his entire generation.
President Obama recently proved to be more of a father than a president when he missed the memorial of Muhammad Ali for the sake of his daughter’s high school graduation. Most average Nigerians won’t even do it talk less of a high ranked man in office. Africans are known as the cultured group of people. What is happening to our values and norms that entails the proper upbringing of our children. Back in the days, as stories explained, the best gift a father can bless a son with is to teach him how to farm if he is a farmer and how to hunt if he is a hunter while mothers teach the female child how to cook and manage the home.
This modern day society has fast changed everything. Parents no longer teach the proper things. Children are being molested by their own fathers, Child abuse has over ruled the love for children. It’s high time we stop maltreating the children and learn to embrace them. It’s shocking how parents can pay for examination malpractice fee for their children. If he fails, let him repeat and learn from his mistakes instead of busy paving way for him. You are not helping that child rather you are destroying his future and ambition.
No wonder Nigerian universities have in one way or the way produced graduates who can’t even present themselves to the country. A youth service corp can’t even write down his own name and credentials and still you want the government to bring CHANGE!!. What kind of change will the government provide when you at your very own home is teaching your children how to steal and bankrupt others.
A high percentage of Nigerians have failed their children and the future of Nigeria. Shame to all those who can proudly say am a father but can’t teach their children morals, Shame to you if all you do is molest and abuse the future leaders of Nigeria, Shame to you born of a woman that have no value for children.

How Do You Teach Your Children

Aside from being there to teach your children, how exactly do you teach them. Are you that strict father who believes the best way to teach is to punish and flog?. Haven’t you figured out yet, that it is easier to capture the scenes in a movie than to remember everything you have read?. Children of this generation are fast learners and easily pick up tips from your actions towards everything. 
A child can easily learn how to steal by just seeing you steal about two or more times so also will a child learn how to greet and respect elders by just watching you do it twice or more. This tells us to always watch what we do around them. This is why spending time with your children is of great importance because they can learn bad characters from others in school and in the environment but your constant presence will help him attain the good characters you possess.
Mothers who can’t do anything without the make up pack and everything beauty are misleading their children. Now i am not saying doing all those stuffs is bad!, but a child who see’s you for just 5 hours a day and out of that 5 hours, you are own you beauty packs for 2 hours, what then will she learn from you apart from making up?.
Cooking and home management in the African tradition, customs and norms is the full responsibility of the  woman or women in the home. But in this new era, all women employ house girls to do their jobs and most of the times Oga end up impregnate the house girl. Who to blame? Madam you are to be blamed. The minute you neglect your sole responsibility as the mother of the house, is the exact same minute you get ready for the repercussion.

How do you charm your children? through your cooking, and home management. This is the reason why children tend to be closer to their mum than their father because Oga’s work is to go and earn a living for the family and also equip the children on how to do same. So you as a mother leaving your chores at home, is spoiling your children and teaching them wrong manners.

Schools And Parents Who to Be Blamed For Immorality.

It is sure that most of the bad and immoral attitude of the children mostly comes from the school environment. But what do you expect when you have hundreds of students coming from different homes. A mobile phone is prone to viruses, this is why you get an antivirus. Children are generally prone to learning immorality from school, it then become your responsibility to act as an antivirus and scan out all the bad things abducted by the children.
Though schools operate some preventive measures to eradicating such characters, it become nearly impossible as the kids including yours learn new disastrous manners everyday and the more you pay attention to these immoral acts as a school, the less attention you can pay to learning.
This is why your child’s welfare should be your sore responsibility because just by not caring, you sell off the beauty and happiness of having a child.

Encourage Your Children

Encouragement is a great move at becoming a great dad and mum. By just simply encouraging your child to do what they love doing without you forcing activities on them, they tend to do better. A child who gets to watch his favourite TV show whenever he reads his book, will keep on reading just so he can catch up with his TV. So also is a child who has creative abilities.
This is a shout Out to all Nigerians!. Instead of watching Nigerian talents fade and die off on the streets as a result of no encouragement and sponsorship, while we are capable of helping, lets rather help these young talented ones be him/her be your son/daughter or not. Nigerians lets see the power and creativity in the hands of our children and lets fully add our support.
While on my way to school this morning via TET Fund bus, the radio station which was tuned on entertained me by enlightening me on the way Nigerian talents are wasting daily. The presenter made mention of a boy in Benin, Edo State, who made something like a rainbow that went up and landed again. Also he mentioned a few persons who have created technological instruments but now are lost in the walls of waste.
Most of the goods, we import from other countries like China, USA can actually be made by our own citizens. Nigeria is filled up with millions of persons creative in various ways if we learn to encourage each other, starting from the children, definitely Nigeria will rank among the top countries leading the world. There is more to living than collecting bribes from persons who would have helped develop the country.

If Mr President wants to fight corruption, do so by encouraging the children and building up a better tomorrow for the country. Raising war against your opponent in politics is a doomed way for the growth and development of Nigeria. Empower the youths and encourage the children and tomorrow will be better than today!.

Children – The Future Leaders

Parents the safe and healthy living in this country is in your hands. If today you choose the wrong part by not upholding proper upbringing for your child and that of your neighbor then Nigeria will only fade till it finally decays. Man shall not feed by bread alone – Matthew 4:4. There is more to living then just feeding everyday. If you as a father couldn’t help the country as a citizen, start doing so now by empowering your children with proper moral upbringing, spending time with them, telling stories, myths, folktales and educate them on how powerful the culture and norms of our great country is.
Show love to all the children around you. STOP VIOLATING OUT CHILDREN, STOP MOLESTING THEM, STOP ABUSING THEM. judgement is coming for all those that have and may God help all of us in training up our children.
Think Nigerians, Think Africans, Humans think – What have my child gained from me, what do i teach my child,am i worthy of the name daddy/mummy?
God bless you all!. 

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