If it's responsiveness, mobile friendliness, SEO, and SMO ready then look no further. One of the biggest blogger widget and template designers My Blogger Tricks introduces their first premium blogger template that has a stand alone ability to rank top among big websites like Wikipedia and Facebook.

When I first read about the template on their official blog post which I will share bellow I was first shocked but when I experienced the flexibility of COPMO I had no other choice than to share it with my readers. For the bloggers who want this, you can get it running on your blog cause with this template you are sure of blogging success but if you are not too successful with your blog, don't go for it. It for those that want to earn real money from blogging.

Read the Official Post from COPmo Designer. COPmo stands for "Customized, Optimized and Monetized by default" - Which means with it you don't need any further SEO tactics for your blog. Just blog. I will be making a weekly review on it. For now, lets read the official description that came with this template.


After 5 years of waiting, we have finally decided to release our premium blogger templates, plugins, and widgets. The Internet is flooded today with blogger templates but what is missing is a clean code, SEO friendly layout and a robust XHTML structure that could meet search engines' ranking criteria. To fill these missing gems, STCnetwork's team of professional developers and SEO consultants have stepped ahead to take a blogger to the next level. Presenting our first multipurpose template for BlogSpot blogging platform, entitled as "COPmo"

Introducing COPmo

COPmo stands for "Customized, Optimized and Monetized by default".

It is the simplest definition for a fully functional, code extendable and dynamic theme that is both user-friendly and SEO friendly. COPmo is the first advanced magazine responsive BlogSpot template that offers unlimited color schemes, responsive fluid layouts, easy customization options, SEO support, and tons of widgets & plugins. It is exclusively built for non-techy users, one-click install, simple drag, and drop!

The copmo template is best suited for categories such as:

  • Lifestyle,
  • Fashion,
  • News,
  • Technology,
  • Clothing,
  • Movie,
  • eBooks,
  • Games,
  • Diary,
  • Music

Let's see all its features in a unique illustrative way.

Features Of COPmo Template

COPmo is made by default SEO friendly to meet best SEO practices to develop a robust structure that provides a smooth experience to search robots and social media networks. All Important SEO plugins are built-in and extra care is taken to make the core content easy to crawl and index. It meets all important search engine ranking criteria and makes sure you rank well in Google SERPs. Same SEO that is applied to MBT blog has been implemented to COPmo.
Tons of premium plugins have already been added inside the layout to make your blogging hobby even more worthwhile. From helping you build Email lists to formatting your posts in a professional way, almost every widget and web element has been included.


COPmo also supports multiple comment plugins be that Facebook, Disqus, Google+ or Blogger default commenting system.

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COPmo is a multilingual template which has separate themes for Left-To-Right languages and also for Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Thaana etc. All international languages are supported, may it be LTR or RTL.

Even the sharing buttons have been changed to the RTL language. The Blogger and Facebook comment systems can also be changed in your local RTL language.


Whether your visitors are iPad lovers or smartphone addicts, COPmo is extremely fluid and flexible in design and adapts just perfectly to all device screen sizes be it a Laptop, Desktop PC, Tablet or a Smartphone.
COPmo is unlike a normal responsive template, it is ultra modern in design which you can experience if you test its responsive behavior in different devices. It is extremely fast loading and loads instantly on mobile devices thanks to the use of Mobile conditional tags, unlike display-none which is not a recommended approach. Several breakpoints are used to make sure your design does not crash at all, thus providing an awesome UI experience.


You can display your posts by label/category in different layout boxes. You can choose to display a horizontal list of recent posts on the homepage or vertical list. You can display posts inside a carousel, slider or even inside gallery grid. You can display them with thumbnails or without thumbnails. Full options are supported. Every layout box is given a name for simplicity.
For videos, most of our clients asked for a method through which they could display thumbnails for all video network sites not necessarily YouTube. Keeping that in mind we integrated a custom method which will help you easily display thumbnails of your choice for any video iframe you want.


COPmo can easily be customized with a click of a button thanks to the built-in functionality of Blogger Template Designer which works just perfect with this template. You can change fonts and colors through simple checkboxes and drag/drop system. You can add any background you like to your template using template designer.

Furthermore, you can also add overlay and patterns to your background to control its darkness or brightness, an option that is rarely seen in BlogSpot templates i.e. Multi-Layered Background. Observe the background difference in the demo of COPmo1,2,3.  Everything is automated!


Keeping search engine penalties in mind, all efforts are made to make sure your entire structure offers a smooth crawling experience to search robots and meet all major SEO ranking metrics. You can now focus on your content and let COPmo handle the SEO part!


Ever wondered that a blogger template could have a well-written guide document of over 160 pages? This shows our dedication towards work and sincerity towards our clients. The document itself is a complete offline website in itself.
The document is written in an interactive way with an easy explanation, navigation, and engaging guides.  All four important parts of installation, customization, optimization and monetization are covered in detail. You can read it anytime, anywhere!


COPmo is coded only for serious bloggers who have a passion for making a lucrative income online and establishing their online empire. It's a complete toolkit for people who wish to take their blogging hobby to the next level.

If you liked COPmo, please do not forget to share it with your friends using the social sharing buttons to your left.
These are the official words from the authors or designers of COPmo which always remains STCnetwork. I started blogging knowing nothing about blogging but when I stumbled upon STCnetwork and its service I learned to SEO optimize my blog. Every little of the words placed on this template are true and can be verified by simply seeing a demo of this template.

Serious with your blogging career? then go for COPMO - a Responsive, SEO Ready And Ads Ready Blogger Template and enjoy smooth and earning filled blogging. What to go for it? Use the download link below.

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