Blogger is a very unique platform that allows you do anything by yourself as long as you are good with code. With blogger, you do not need to buy a premium or download a free custom template though the option is available. Blogger gives you thousands of options to design your blog from Shortcodes, Mega Menus, Ajax, Jumbo Share Counters and many other widgets which you can get free only if you know how to design a professional blogger template.

Recommended Template: Obhiaba Simple Blogger Template

Creating a professional look and feel template is no tedious work all you need is time and follow my post instructions which should guide you. Today, the choice of template to make is yours because we are going to be designing multi-purpose template just like Blogus - A free responsive and Ads ready blogger template.

Features of a Professional Blogger Template.

Ads Ready
Fast Loading
Neat & Clean Coding
Author Box

Tools Required to Create a Professional Blogger Template

CSS and JavaScript knowledge
Photo designing software - Photoshop, Corel Draw.
Laptop/Desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc.

Understanding Basic Template Features.

To keep up with the good work, we need to understand the meaning and importance of the above listed features of a nice coded blog


A responsive template is more mobile and SEO friendly more than none responsive templates. For a template to be responsive, it means it has the ability of adjusting to any screen size. Giving both PC and mobile device lovers the very best of reading. The layout is flexible and under published google SEO rules, Blogs with responsive layout will be enlisted first on google search before non-responsive hereby increasing your blog rank.

SEO friendliness

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is that feature that determines whether your blog will be enlisted at the first page in google search or will not be crawled at all by google crawlers and robots. Nearly all WordPress users depend on Yoast plugin for their SEO friendliness but we bloggers depend on simple code and customization.

Ads Ready

Ads ready short for Advert ready is not actually a unique feature on your blog but wrong use of it can make your blog bring low income and even cause it to break down. Co-Technology bloggers have tried various sizes and location of Adsense Ads, Ad dynamo, Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate, Konga Affiliate, Ad Alternative and various affiliate programs and have seen which performs best and where it brings the highest of earnings. Proper use of this will make a single ad spot perform better than 10.

Fast Loading

The reason why some blogs are not visited, is not because of bad contents rather because of its load time. Big sites like Wikipedia,WikiHow, Twitter are the fastest of sites reason be that they load all scripts, images, css in a very clean and neat way. Making your blog run like a jet.

Clean & Neat Coding

If you have paid proper reading attention you must have noticed me inputting this while explaining other blogging terms. This is the core for the blogger template. It being clean coded will prevent you from getting lot of errors and troubles. Its one of the best practice for SEO, page load speed and many other features.
Other features including a fancy commenting system, an eye catching Author box, and many others which will be understood as the tutorial on how to create a responsive blogger template continue.

Why do i need Google Chrome and Other Tools

I know you are still wondering why you need google chrome and other tools and i am sure that this is the first tutorial telling you to get google chrome and these other tools before designing an SEO friendly blogger template. Now let me share with you various reasons why such tools are needed.

Google Chrome

This is google's default browser that most persons don't like because of it's simple look and boring appearance but we bloggers we don't look at beauty rather what it can do. As you continue in the technology blogging niche you will realize that among other browsers like Mozilla, Opera, UC Browser that Chrome is the best. Before now i use Firefox but after a while i downloaded Chrome. 

The main reason why we will be needing Google chrome is because of it's "Inspect Tool" which I have not seen in any other browser. With the inspect tool you can see all the widgets and ids in a blog and other blogs. You can even clone a premium template with this chrome inspect tool.

CSS & JavaScript Knowledge

I believe by now you have a little knowledge of these two terms. A lot of websites already have posted on them and try to read them up. Just Google it but for the sake of this post, CSS, JavaScript and other tools are the structural build-ups of a blog. Everything you see in a blog is made up of these terms. Blogger allows you to make these changes to your blog as long as you have the knowledge so as not to mess up your blog.

Photo Designing Software

Corel Draw is my handy tool in this because my laptop does not really go well with Photoshop but if you have both great. These tools will be used in designing the blog logo, header and other image options in the blog layout.

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phones

Our tutorial will split into parts like creating a blogger template that is suitable for laptops and mobile. This is the reason why you need this device to check whatever we design.

First Step To Transforming Blogger default template to Elegant Themes

Questions! What type of blog do you run? is it an Entertainment blog or news blog. Before we design elegant templates, we first have to understand and know what we want. I have listed the types of niched blogs available and gave some examples. Search for your own type of blog and visit others on the list so as to know what such bloggers have in common and on their blogs. This, in turn, will boost up your knowledge on what you want to design.

Lifestyle Blogs

Music/Entertainment Blogs

News Blog

Gossip Blogs

Technology Blogs

Fashion Blogs


Book Blogs

I believe after a much review on what these bloggers have in common, you should have an idea of what you wish to design. For the gossip bloggers, no much design is needed because I have seen great entertainment blogs like maintaining that blogger simple look.

This the end of our great template series which will teach us how to create that awesome template for our blog. Have any questions use the comment box or contact me. Sharing is caring - Clink on any of the share buttons to let your friends know about creating a professional blogger template from default templates.

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