If you have been into the blogging platform for a long time, you would see the need to use mobile phones to blog at times, especially when you have just a little clip to share with your audience. I have searched the internet for various options on applications that a pro-blogger and newbie can use to blog efficiently. Yes, I have come with a good reward for my hard search.

Mobile browsers can hardly give us a real blogging interface that will enable us to insert various plugins and juicy recipes to our blog post. Especially the Mobile opera mini browser that always show an error message whenever I try to visit on it. This is where Word Press is better than BlogSpot users because it provides its user with an amazing blogging app that will let you blog on the goal.

Though Google provided same for us, it isn't that fun but not to worry you will still need it on your blog. Because I will share it and give you hints on it. Before the review, Have you ever thought of viewing your Adsense analysis on your Android device? If you have, how was your experience horrible or cool?.

Top Android Apps For Blogspot Bloggers.

  1. Official Blogger Application
  2. Bloggeriod
  3. Google AdSense Mobile Application
  4. Google Analytics
  5. BlogPost

Reviews  And Features 

Official Blogger Application

This was my very first application which I tried to blog with and then I was still new to blogging. I didn't even understand CSS, Headings, HTML and neither did I know how to compose a good content. Blogger Official application is a very simple and easy to use blogging tool that lets you post to your blog straight from your mobile.

This posting tool, allow you to do so many things including insert link, add a photo and others. It gives an easy touch to everything and yes lets your blog on the goal. This application was designed by Google itself and you know what that means.

Features Of Blogger App

  • Allows adding photos to post
  • Easy to Link text
  • It features the Save as Draft and Publish Option
  • Easy to use and simple on the touch
  • Can post to Various blogger blogs.


I jumped on this two years back when I was anxious to get a mobile BlogSpot app since I want to make my blog multi-author blog but i ended up retiring from it but that doesn't mean bloggeriod sucks. Its actually one of the best blogging apps out there because it offers way more than other apps.

With the bloggeriod for blogger, you can easy add anything you want to your blog post. Including photos and HTML tags. After using this application, i had to sit down and learn various features of it. Bloggeriod makes sharing easy! How? - After writing a post, you have options to automatically send post to you Google+ Account, Facebook Profile and Twitter.

Bloggeriod posting app also allows you to load comments and previous post from your blog, giving the an option to edit already posted articles. Isn't that cool?

Features Of Bloggeriod

  • Allows Adding of Photos to blog post with various options - You can change image size (Small, Large, Extra Large), You can also choose where photo should show in post.
  • Easing way of adding links to text,
  • Using HTML codes inside blog post e.g
  • Amazing sharing of post after writing (Google+, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Loading of old post and comments.
  • Posting to various blogspot blogs.

Google Adsence Mobile Application

Unlike Blogger official and Bloggeriod, Google adsence mobile application is different and do not get misunderstood. Adsence application is a blogging tool but not a posting tool. It can not post to your blogger rather it helps display the adsence analytic dashboard responsively to enable you see your ads performance.

I added this to this post, because every blogger who gained access to google adsence program should have this for flexible usage of the adsence dashboard. The mobile tool features everything you need to see about your ad performance.

The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key data from your AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to access reporting features anywhere, directly from your mobile device. The app provides you with an account overview, as well as access to detailed performance reports on all key metrics. Available reports include: top ad units, channels, sites, countries and more. The account earnings report is also accessible via a resizable widget.

Please note: YouTube revenue and revenue from the legacy AdMob are not available in this app.

Google Analytic

With Google analytic, you can see what is happening to your blog all over the world, get reports and statistical data about your blog on your Android mobile. Downloading this would be a nice option. I have not actually used this app but the screen shots and reviews made me add this is a great app.

Access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your mobile device. The app has an all-new look and feel that’s optimized for phones and tablets, so you can easily get your Analytics data anytime, anywhere.


BlogPost is a multi Blogging Platform client. With this app you can manage Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal etc. You can create / edit posts, manage comments, upload photos / videos etc. It has an awesome visual editor from where you can change Font, Insert Links, paragraph styles, Quotes etc. All in one app for android users. Source: 18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers - AllBloggingTips

After my long years of blogging and posting, these are one of the most used and best blogspot applications on the web for Andriod phones. Other device like Iphones and Tablet have their own which i will share soon. For the lucky Android users, download any of these free but useful tools and give me a feed back. Enjoy your days as a blogger while your subscription last. Lol
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