Very often as a blogger, I receive emails and messages from various people in Nigeria, and most times they ask such questions:
  • how to create a free blog in Nigeria?
  • blogging platforms in Nigeria?
  • how to start a music blog in Nigeria?
  • how do bloggers get paid in Nigeria?
  • how to make money with your blog in Nigeria?
  • how much do bloggers make in Nigeria?
  • how to monetize your blog in Nigeria?
  • is blogging lucrative in Nigeria?
These questions are somehow the basis of everything you would ever need to know about blogging in Nigeria. Because they cover all the phases, from financial assessment, requirements, and how to get it done. You would agree with me not every blog out there is successful. Most times we just create blogs and in the end, we can't even define our focus or purpose. Hence I will be explaining everything to you in a language all beginners or want to be bloggers in Nigeria should and will understand. First and foremost... Blogging In Nigeria

Blogging In Nigeria: Why should you create a blog in Nigeria?

Do you just want to create a blog because others are creating it? No, there should a specific reason why you would want to create a blog. And here are the common reasons
  1. You run a business that needs an audience
  2. You are an affiliate marketer
  3. You want to share ideas on your profession/hobby
  4. You just want to make money

Blogging for Business

A blog could help grow your business online. When you create a blog for your business in Nigeria. Such as a fashion website, eCommerce website, etc. you get to attract more people in your targeted market. Hence, you could create a blog that answers basic questions in your business field. For example, as a makeup artist, you could create a blog where you share tips on makeup tools, processes, and best practices. This audience would naturally become customers of your brand. That's how blogging can help grow your business online.

Blogging for Affiliate Marketers

In affiliate marketing, having the right audience is keen on making sales. If you want to make the commission count, you have got to have the right audience in your newsletter. Hence, we have blogging for affiliate marketers. Brain Dean as an SEO affiliate marketer. He sells SEO tools for companies and gets a commission on each sale. He racks in thousands of dollars monthly. How is this possible? He runs a large blog for SEO tips and tricks. Practically anybody that wants to learn SEO has got to be a fan of the Backlinko blog. This is how blogging for affiliate marketers work. Get them to read what you have shared and opted them into your email list and keep making a commission for each sale.

Blogging As Hobby

If you have something you are passionate about, then blogging could well be the right way to share it with an audience. Your hobby could be traveling, cooking, etc. You could create a blog on such a niche and boom! you are on your way to getting your ideas global.

Blogging to Make Money

Now, any of the three stated above fits into this anytime any day. Blogging to make money is the most common of all. Even when it's a side hustle, you would want to make money. Blogging can be lucrative for smart people who know exactly how to make money from it. And for others, I could just be another failed phase of life. But whichever, we will be taking a look at how to get started with blogging in Nigeria.

Blogging In Nigeria: Major Steps to creating a blog in Nigeria

Here are the major steps to consider when creating a blog in Nigeria either free or paid. The choices made here would go a long way in determining the success of your blog
  1. Choosing a blog topic
  2. Blogging platform
  3. Growth hacking techniques
  4. Monetization Channels

Choice of Blog topic

Don't just wake up and copy what others are doing. It is ideal to survey for the right topic to blog about. The reason for starting your blog has a huge role to play in this. choosing a blog topic in nigeria If you run a business such as a fashion shop, then your blog topic would naturally be about fashion, clothing, etc. i.e. it would be the same topic with your business. For affiliate marketers, the best blogging topic is one that emphasizes the kind of products they sell. If you affiliate with a wristwatch company and you start creating content for SEO, then that would be a failed blog from the onset. When you are blogging as a hobby, you could pick on anything you like. For beginners intending to blog for money, you have to take on analysis on which niche would best suit you for
  1. High traffic (search or paid)
  2. Easy domination
  3. Unsaturated etc.
Niches like Entertainment, Music, etc. are already saturated in Nigeria but have high traffic bought search and paid. While Nigeria like health, Travel are less saturated with less traffic. So survey the circumstances and see which best fits you.

Blogging platform

There are currently over 5 blogging platforms that anyone can easily access but each has its pros and cons. Here are some of the platforms I recommend:
  1. WordPress
  3. Tumblr
  4. Medium
WordPress is of two versions; and With the second, you can create a free blog with free hosting and subdomain while the first requires you to purchase a hosting account and uploading your file. is another good free blogging platform that offers you free hosting and a subdomain. is owned and managed by Google. Tumblr is free too but mostly suitable for media freaks. Medium is a new paid platform that allows you to create your blog on their platform of users. Lastly is one of the best platforms for Nigerians who are facing problems with making money online? Instead of going through the hustle of paying for domains and struggling to get advertisement approval. JokosHQ simply pays you instead. You create your content and they monetize it while you get paid monthly. My verdict: If you want to create a professional business blog, I would recommend but if you want to make money or blog for a hobby, then JokosHQ is your best pick.

Growth hacking techniques

growth hacking techniques How do you intend to get people to read your blog? While content creation could be a pain, promoting this content could be worse. I will just explain the basic and simple ways to go about growth hacking. 
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Paid Search Marketing
  3. Social Media Leveraging

Search Engine Optimization

SEO short for Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get genuine visitors to your blog. This is because when you optimize for search engines such as Google, people searching for help on, are most likely to find your content. Optimizing for Search engines could be tough on you but it is free to practice. And a lot of bloggers in Nigeria take advantage of it to grow their blogs.

Paid Search Marketing

There is no much difference between SEO and this. The major difference is that Paid search marketing is easier to practice but it is more expensive. As you would have to pay for visitors entering your website.

Social Media Leveraging

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, are entertainment hubs for your potential readers hence you could either share your posts or promote them to grow your website traffic. Which is best: There is no best. Each of them fit in for different occasions. Social media leveraging fits best for quick stories blogs such as news, entertainment, etc. While SEO fits for evergreen content creators such as Travel, Make money, etc. while paid search is best for businesses.

Monetization Channels

If everything goes well then you have got to consider how to monetize your blog. This also fallbacks to your reason for starting your blog. Business blogs are known to sell their products. Affiliates build email lists which they later monetize by sending offers while hobby bloggers could do any of the above. However, here are a few channels to try out for your blog
  1. Google AdSense
  2. Propeller Ads
  3. Mgid
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Product sales etc.
These are some of the working channels for any blogger to try out.

Blogging In Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions

how to create a free blog in Nigeria

You can easily create a free blog in Nigeria by using the hosting platform which offers you free hosting and a subdomain to get you started with blogging in Nigeria.

blogging platforms in Nigeria?

There are numerous blogging platforms in Nigeria which includes 
  3. Tumblr
  4. Medium

how to start a music blog in Nigeria?

To start a music blog in Nigeria, you first have to create a free blog on or WordPress and then start to create your posts related to music. You can also include download buttons for people to get quick access to your uploaded mp3 files.

how do bloggers get paid in Nigeria?

Bloggers get paid in Nigeria through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, post promotions, propeller ads, Mgid sponsored content, etc.

how to make money with your blog in Nigeria?

To make money with your blog in Nigeria, you to increase your website traffic (number of visitors) then you can monetize the website either through Google AdSense or through affiliate marketing.

how much do bloggers make in Nigeria?

Bloggers in Nigeria such as Linda Ikeji, Naijaloaded, make millions of Naira monthly while smaller bloggers could be making $100 monthly from Google AdSense. 

how to monetize your blog in Nigeria?

You can monetize your blog in Nigeria by placing Google AdSense banners, Affiliate links, Email sign-up forms, Mgid sponsored content, etc. on your blog. And whenever your visitors interact with it. You would get paid.

is blogging lucrative in Nigeria?

Yes, blogging is lucrative in Nigeria. If you have enough time and patience to build your blog readership then you can make a lot of money from blogging in Nigeria.
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