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Airtel NIN Submission for Verification and Pairing has now been made a lot easier by using the Airtel portal. This is for people who are no longer using the line they used in registering their NIN again.

Previously, it was required that you dial *121*1#, then put in the 11 digits of your NIN and wait for a confirmation message.

But now, the new message which lots of airtel users are getting this afternoon is that they should visit the airtel portal and submit their NIN both for their family and friends

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Steps for the New Airtel NIN Submission for Verification and Pairing:

Airtel NIN Submission for Verification and Pairing.

Step 1: 

Retrieve your NIN if you have not already done so by dialing *346#. (Copy out the 11 digits you see). There is a service charge for doing this.

Remember that this is only when you do not already have your NIN.

Step 2:

Visit www.airtel.com.ng/nin for your Airtel NIN Submission for Verification and Pairing.

Step 3:

Enter your Airtel Mobile Number in the space provided, and click on "Send OTP".

Step 4:

You will receive a message from Airtel with a 6-digit code which you should type into the space for "Enter OTP".

Step 5:

Click the proceed button. By now you should receive a confirmation message that your NIN has been successfully submitted for verification.

Note that you may still be required to come to the Artel office for further verification processes, so keep your message mobile App handy.

You can as well use this method to register for all your friends and family members.  

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