Medarchive Magazine has been discovering lots of Medical Entrepreneurs in Nigeria lately. Recently, a Medical student from the University of Calabar, Cross-River State in Nigeria was discovered to have created an Online Community For People Suffering from Similar Illnesses.

This was possible due to a recent festival in Medarchive Magazine called the Medical Entrepreneurship Fest. This event is meant to last from the 3rd of December 2020 till the 27th of December, 2020.

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What the Medical Entrepreneurship Fest is All About:

Medical Entrepreneurship Fest

The idea of the Medical Entrepreneurship fest is to help encourage Medical Entrepreneurship in Africa, especially in Nigeria, as a means of reviving the dying health sector.

The goal is to promote creative ideas, businesses, talents, and innovations by Medical students and Health Workers living in Nigeria on the front page of the magazine free of charge.

Some practitioners in Nigeria and Medical students have been sharing their profiles, startups by Medical students are being promoted and a lot of impacts have been made.

It was during this event that this Medical student from UNICAL and his team were discovered and their idea of an online community for people suffering from similar Illnesses is currently being promoted on the front page of Medarchive Magazine.

BluewealsHealth; The Online Community For People Suffering from Similar Illnesses

online community for people suffering from similar illnesses

The name of this Online Community For People Suffering from Similar Illnesses created by this Medical Student and his team is Bluewealshealth.

According to Henry Etim Nya, the C.E.O and Co-founder of, the idea of bluewealshealth came after he was diagnosed with Hepatitis A – an acute liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus that causes you to have abdominal pains, pale stools and the scariest of all was my dark colored urine.

Henry Etim Nya
Henry Etim Nya: Founder of the Online Community For People Suffering from Similar Illnesses

He said that even though he was being treated in the hospital by a Consultant Medical Doctor, he still was not satisfied with the information he was given by the doctor.

He wanted more! 

He wanted people who had suffered this illness to share their experiences and challenges with him. This is so that he can get to know what to expect in this situation.

But he never got this benefit.

We all know the stigma which people suffering from some illnesses in our society pass through. People are not enlightened enough to accommodate and accept each other.

Much worse is if you are suffering from illnesses like HIV/AIDS, Mental Illnesses, and Traumatic experiences.

A lot of people have even committed suicide as a result of this. Because they are not accepted. They are ostracized because of what they are passing through.

So Henry Etim, after examining his own situation and that of people suffering from other illnesses decided that they should get a voice. And that they should feel accepted in a community where there will be no judgment. 

This is the mission of Bluewealshealth.

And they are achieving it.

To find out more about Bluewealshealth, their vision, the full story of Henry Etim Nya. and the co-founders and contributors in this dream, read the Interview on Medarchive Magazine using the link below;

Also, the good thing is; Bluewealshealth was not just created for people with Hepatitis A, HIV/AIDS, or mental health conditions. It was created for everyone; doctors, medical students, People with all forms of ailments (About 30 of them). The community also shares articles that cover various topics on health and wellness.

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Note from the Author

Finally, the message here is that we can salvage the health sector in our country Nigeria. Today, what we have is an Online Community For People Suffering from Similar Illnesses

Tomorrow, who knows what we will have next? 

This is a wake-up call for all Medical Students and Health workers in the country.

Yearly, the health sector loses more than 5,000 doctors to brain drain. But we all can do a lot better if we really think of creative solutions to our problems in this country, instead of focusing on the problems.

This will go a long way in increasing the hope that people who would love to practice Medicine in the country.

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