How to Make 4900Tokens in 1day?

Do you think it is really hard to cash out monthly from JokosHQ?

Well, it is not. The system has been designed for smart persons who want to earn monthly online.

So why would earning 5000Tokens a month be difficult? When you can earn 4900Tokens a day?

Here is what you are not doing well!

You have failed to tell your friends about JokosHQ.

Here is how it affects you!

1. Referral Earnings

When you invite one of your friends to sign up for JokosHQ, you earn instantly 720tokens.

720×7 = 5040Tokens.

This means when you take off just 10mins of your time to tell your friends about JokosHQ, and 7 decides to sign up.

You get instantly 5040tokens… Easiest that less than the minimum withdrawal?

2. Post View Earnings

Do you know if 200persons view your post in a day that would be 400Tokens?

But why are my views not much?… Answer: You have failed to invite your friends.

More users more shares and more post views. Instead of earning just 100Tokens a day, you can actually earn 1600Tokens from just 4posts.

Start working more and tell your friends about this beautiful platforms that pay you for

  1. Writing content
  2. Sharing content
  3. Inviting friends.

Start earning more today… Success!!

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