How To Start A FREE Blog That Makes Money In Nigeria

Want to start a blog that earns you money monthly with a huge number of followers already available to boom your stories?

Look no further. In today’s post, I am going to show you exactly how to start a blog in Nigeria this 2020 with no money. 


  1. No hosting
  2. No domain
  3. No premium theme needed.

That’s just all you also get instant traffic and user base with highly motivated readers who are ready to share your posts and get you viral.

Let’s go into detail.

What is a blog?

Generally, a blog is a live/dynamic platform with a chronological arrangement of posts such as tutorials, news, etc. The common blogging platforms remaining

  1. WordPress
  2. BlogSpot
  3. Tumblr 

But however, in order to make use of these platforms, you have got to invest huge money doing either hosting, domains or even getting a custom theme.

So here is a simple question. What makes what you have a blog?. Do I need to have my own URL or custom theme to have a blog?. 

The answer is NO. which is known to be a microblogging website doesn’t actually provide you with these features except you pay. That would make you think.

Why am I opening a blog? – Two things come in mind, grow traffic (visitors, brand) and make money!.

I believe these should define what a blog is. Yes. Assuming you get a platform with existing traffic and monetization such as monthly payment would you still go-ahead to spend to a start blog?

Definitely NOT.

I am glad to introduce JokosHQ publish. The simplest and most transparent microblogging platform. 

What is JokosHQ Publish?

JokosHQ Publish (a part of JokosHQ) allows users to publish articles online and also get them monetized.

With JokosHQ Publish you can easily write an article with smart and rich editors including long blog posts, short videos, multiple images, audio and also create polls and quizzes.

There are a lot of benefits to starting a blog on JokosHQ in Nigeria but here are some of the most pronounced ones.

  1. Targeted Audience
  2. Monthly Payout
  3. Social Engagement
  4. Brand Growth.
targetted traffice in blogging

Targetted Traffic

Every blogger would spend over 90% of his blogging life building targetted audience. This is so because the audience is the power and aim for every article.

If you run adverts or sell online, Without targetted traffic your earnings would be penny monthly because you need people to view your content before at least they will want to buy from you.

Many bloggers result in advertising such as Facebook ads, Twitter, and Google ads others also focus on SEO and spend their who day writing a super long article with or without need just to get higher SERPS…

But on JokosHQ, things are not the same.

We already have a huge user base of members who love what you post. With little or no effort your post can easily go in front of thousands of readers from all nations of the world.

Easiest that what you wanted to spend your first 5-years of blogging doing? – That’s why others (smart ones) choose JokosHQ Publish for online publication.

monthly payout in blogging

Monthly Payout

Do you know bloggers spend up to 5-years before finally getting their first pay? Yes. I am serious about what I am saying. I am a victim.

My first 4-years of blogging required effort over efforts without ever making a dime. Google AdSense even makes this worse with harsh approval policies.

So why would I spend my first 4-years waiting to earn a penny when I could get paid monthly on JokosHQ with little effort?

Work smarter not harder!

JokosHQ practices a PPV earning method for its users. i.e pay per view. After you create your post, you get paid per view of that post.

When you would barely make up to $5 daily on JokosHQ you can earn unlimited tokens per day on JokosHQ which will later be converted to Naira when the token market opens.

No initial approval process. Create your blog and start making money.

Social Engagement

With over 100+ daily user base growth JokosHQ offers you the best social engagement ever. Yes!

Do you know users are paid to share your blog posts on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp?

Yes. They are being paid!.

All you have to do is publish your article and the community will help you share your articles to the right place. Don’t hesitate to grow with us. All content types…

Videos, images. audio just to name a few.

Brand Growth

We do not hide your identity and neither do we prevent you from growing your brand. Though we do most of the work for you, we still allow you to build your brand without even paying a penny.

How do I build my brand? Instead of growing your YouTube and Instagram channels that don’t pay you why not grow your user profile on JokosHQ that pays you?

Our brand growth techniques quickly let you build your audience and also popularity within a niche in no time.

are you ready to start your blog on let’s get started.

How to start a free blog on JokosHQ

Here are the steps required to start your blog on JokosHQ

  1. Create a free JokosHQ account
  2. Unlock your earnings by getting 1500points
  3. Choose a specific topic
  4. Start creating posts for that topic
  5. Optimize your posts and build followership
  6. Getting paid.

Create a free JokosHQ account.

If you don’t already have an account, you can simply create a free jokosHQ quick and easy. simply read the guide below

  1. how to create a free JokosHQ account or
  2. Create an account

Unlock your earnings

After creating your account, you would see the unlock your earnings notification at the top bar or earnings sections.

This simply means is, before you can start making money on JokosHQ you must first take on a few community tasks such as sharing and referring others.

To unlock your earnings perform these following tasks

  1. Upload your profile photo
  2. Share posts to social channels
  3. Refer users to sign up
  4. Create blog posts
  5. Comment on posts.

After your earnings have been activated continue with the steps below.

Choose a specific topic

While JokosHQ provides you with many topics to publish on, If your aim is to start a blog on JokosHQ and build your brand then choosing a specific topic is ideal.

You can choose any topic that fits what you can write about since you will be writing mainly on what you would have done if you had paid for hosting to start a blog.

Here are some of the hot topics

  1. News
  2. Entertainment
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Classifieds etc.

So pick a topic that suits you and let’s get started with the next step.

publish on jokoshq

Start creating posts for that topic

Next important step is to start creating rich posts for your chosen topic and while you are writing here are two things to watch

  1. Posting frequency
  2. Article quality

Distinct your writing prowess with quality and original articles for your niche. By doing so, in time the readers of such a topic would notice you and hence, your followership will grow.

Also, pay attention to your posting frequency. Don’t just write once in a while. Build your own calendar and also write at a scheduled time and also frequently such as daily, weekly, etc.

Optimize your posts and build followership

Want to get the better side of your blogging career on JokosHQ. Do you know you can continue making money on JokosHQ even when you are asleep?

The power of optimization. Over 300+ blog posts are published daily on JokosHQ and is yours just going to go off without getting huge views?

Here are your chances and options.

  1. Create a quality post
  2. Promote your post
  3. Optimize for SEO

You already understand the first but however the second talks more about in-house article promotion which allows you to move your post from the far bottom to the front page.

Also, Optimize for SEO. This will go along way to helping to grow your traffic over time. and even when you sleep your articles will still be making money for you.

Here are a few guides by great SEO authors for you to check out

  1. How to Craft the Perfect SEO Title Tag (Our 4‑Step Process)
  2. 11 Important Image SEO Tips You Need to Know
  3. How Long Should a Blog Post be for SEO?
monthly payout on jokoshq blog

Getting paid

Someone is ready to be paid! How well did you perform?. With just 5000Tokens minimum withdrawal, you can definitely cash out every month.

To optimize your content and get ready for monthly cash out.

Again the simple steps to start a blog on jokosHQ are

  1. Create a free JokosHQ account
  2. Unlock your earnings by getting 1500points
  3. Choose a specific topic
  4. Start creating posts for that topic
  5. Optimize your posts and build followership
  6. Getting paid.

Take on these steps today and be glad you chose JokosHQ.

You are welcomed to earn here!

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