Grow Your Business From 1 – 100 Customers In 1-day + Free Social Shares

Do you have a product to sell, a youtube channel to grow or an email list for potential leads?

And you are tired of huge advertisement fees? Worry no more JokosHQ sponsored adverts is all you need for your targeted audience.

Social networks and media sites are the best places to find potential customers.

Why? everyone is on it! Facebook records over 2billion monthly active users and would charge hell to get your business advertised.

Google also has a similar audience but then advertisement fees are way above the roof.

However, While you might want to try these… JokosHQ stands as your best bet for super conversions and here is why!

  • Daily social shares
  • Optimized display
  • Target audience

Daily Social Shares

Contents sponsored on JokosHQ are always available at the Earn to Share tab where users share articles to social networks to earn tokens.

JokosHQ Earnings page

Now, with your business, product, etc sponsored on JokosHQ,

you get thousands of daily optimized shares to social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Optimized Display

Our media site offers optimized spots in all sections to sponsored posts,

including the random display of sponsored posts on the homepage, category page and post page.

Target Audience

While your products are being displayed in the sponsored sections,

They also get top spots for the category they belong to.

Eg, displaying “your latest song” on the Music and Entertainment top spot.

Definitely, higher conversions.

Why use JokosHQ Sponsored Posts?

Here are a few things that make JokosHQ the best promotion website for your business.

Cheap Advert Rates:

Our sponsored post rates are very cheap and affordable.

Up to 70% cheaper than offers on other platforms. This is so to help you get started with advertising and business growth.

Scalable Plans:

Our advertisement plans are scalable up to you having a choice to opt-in for daily display.

JokosHQ Promotion Page

We have; 1-day, 3-days, 7-days, and 30-days advert duration.

Quality Traffic:

Our target audiences are humans who are next to you. That is you can easily sell any product to people close to you.

No bots or fake clicks.

High Conversions Rate:

Since we don’t charge per clicks or impression,

you are sure of getting high conversions due to the traffic quality and also social sharing.

What can I advertise on JokosHQ?

ANYTHING. And here is why!

On JokosHQ, we have different sections as categories. Since we cover most topics, your advert then would fit in well for us.

  1. Products
  2. Music
  3. Classified
  4. YouTube channel etc

Also, Our social share feature, makes reaching your target audience a dream come true.

How can I Advertise on JokosHQ?

To place a sponsored post on JokosHQ, the below steps will guide you.

  • Register a free account here
  • Create the post here
  • Visit your post and locate the promote button
  • Input the details, choose a plan and make payments. That’s all.

While creating the post, do know it is a marketing post, hence take some optimization methods to hit higher conversion rates.

If you would like to promote a banner, visit here.

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