4 dangerous sickness drinking Garri may cause you

Garri is one of the foods we cannot do without, it’s one of the most consumed staple food nation wide. Garri is simply made from cassava, this makes it cheap and consumed by all class of people. Garri has various nicknames like G-4, garrison, garri flacks and other tribal names which may sound funny. It’s most times consumed with fish, dried meat, groundnut and coconut. The health benefits of garri is not neglected when it comes to its consumption, but the health implications of garri has raised eyebrows to the increased consumption of this great food. The implications of drinking garri regularly will be discussed below.

1. Garri can cause ulcer due to the high levels of cyanide in the poor processed cassava. Cyanide which is an organic acid in nature when it’s more concentrated in the intestine leads to increased risk of developing ulcer.

2. The hydrocyanic acid in garri can cause serious eye defects.

3. Garri is a high carbohydrate food and can increase blood sugar level in diabetic patients. This may cause these patients various health risk likes weight gain, infertility and reduced wound healing ability.

4. Some garri during processing are made with red oil and this oil may increase risk of heart attacks and failure because of the obstruction of blood flow to the heart caused by the saturated fat of the oil.

There’s no doubt that you may have thoughts on this article please do well to drop them on the comment section, let’s discuss and know if you’re willing to quit the intake of garri or would gradually stop taking it as you’ve been exposed to its implications, talk about it in the comment box.

Please do well to share this article and save the young and old from health conditions which may arise from drinking garri.

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