5 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A University Certificate

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  • Getting high paying jobs immediately without a University certificate could be hard work to do but however, you can actually get a job as an undergraduate if only you follow my guides.

    Everyone often wants to start a white-collar job at a firm but however, that makes getting a job hard. Hence it is very reasonable to consider one of the jobs listed below to get you started while you continue applying for a company job.

    Note: These jobs could actually be all you need to make money and grow your finances.

    Let’s get into it.

    5 High Paying Jobs In 2021

    1. Start a youtube channel
    2. Fiver Microjob platform
    3. Medium for Publishers and writers
    4. Ecommerce or Dropshipping
    5. Affiliate marketing

    Start a YouTube Channel

    YouTube is a video curation website where a lot of persons can watch videos for various reasons. These could be entertainment videos or educational videos.

    Personally, I use YouTube for training and you others do same.

    After graduation, starting a youtube channel on a topic you are interested in or well informed about could be your gold mine. Through it’s monetization program, YouTube pays content creators and you too can start earning too.

    It takes less than a minute to get started with YouTube content creation while you would have to reach a minimum views and subscribers threshold before you can apply for the monetization program.

    Fiver Microjob Platform

    Microjobs seems to be one of top high paying jobs of this generation with lot of skilled persons making money online. Fiverr is a microjob platform that connects buyers and sellers of skills together.

    On Fiverr you can sell any skill. You just have to find the right category that fits your skill.

    For example, if you are good at creating websites, you could create a gig (a skill on sale) on Fiverrfor potential buyers to see and hire you.

    The platform is easy to understand and get jobs. However, you would only be getting 80% of your actual pay because the platform policies enforces a compulsory 20% reduction.

    i.e is for every $5 job, you would only make $4.

    Medium For Publishers and Writers

    You might not have heard of medium.com but it does exist and without a degree certificate, you could decide to venture into it. Medium is a content creation platform where writers are paid to create content for a wide audience.

    On medium.com, you can easily make a reasonable each month. However, this would only work for you if you are prolific writer.

    you can go ahead and sign up on medium.

    Ecommerce or Dropshipping

    While this is different from other high paying jobs, it is also very profitable. With dropshipping business you can easily generate revenue for yourself without much investment.

    If you don’t know how it works, lets go in details.

    Dropshipping requires you to have distributors of a certain product such as shoes for men. Now as a dropshipper (someone who runs a dropshipping business) all you need to do is find buyers for that product when you find any, instead of you making an initial payment, the buyer is actually being made to make the payment.

    Which means you would be selling products without actually having them in stock. One advantage of this, is that it requires less capital to start and in no time you can easily save up a lot of profits.

    Affiliate Marketing

    There are lot of products in the market in need of buyers hence lot of stock owners are willing to pay influencers to help them sell these products.

    That’s exactly what an affiliate marketer is. With the help of advertising channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Websites etc. affiliate marketers recommend products to potential buyers and make a commission on each sale.

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