New Sharing Rules – How To Earn From Sharing Links On JokosHQ

From the Administrator.

We are glad to bring back the share to earn features where users get paid to share links but however we have added a little twist to it and be rest assured.

You will love it.

As we go into the last days of releasing JokosHQ 1.2 we introduce you to a new share method and here is how it goes.

  1. All posts are available to be shared
  2. Authors can not earn from sharing their own posts
  3. Instant tokens are no longer awarded o post shares
  4. 30 Instant points are awarded on a post share
  5. 0.5 Tokens are awarded for every visitor which visits from your shared link.

Token Visitor Reward.

We no longer reward you with tokens for clicking on our share links. Instead, we have upgraded it to views per post shares…

I.e the number of persons who visit our post from the link you shared. The good part is, If the user also decides to sign up, then you also get paid as the referral.

Post Share Limit

All users are limited to only 10 shares daily and also with an earn max. of 250 tokens. This would help us regulate how open and easy it is to earn.

Enjoy JokosHQ and start referring your friends to Join.

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