Uplifting Educators Is Key To Advancing Transformation In Education Sector (www.africa.com)

Uplifting Educators Is Key To Advancing Transformation In Education Sector

It is heartening to see companies such as HP champion this ideal by not only supporting students but educators too and that can only lead to wider progress for the sector.

The HP Innovation and Digital Education Academy (HP IDEA)2,offers educators in Africa, and many other parts of the world, the opportunity to create digital capabilities based on educational frameworks from leading global universities.

The programme is part of HPs commitment to enabling better learning outcomes for 100 million people globally by 2025 and has thus far been launched in 19 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Our next frontier in education is bridging the digital technology divide across the continent, for both educators and students.

Providing increased access to quality education in Africa is the key to not only alleviating poverty for millions of young people, but it also can inspire hope and enable change for generations to come.

1Global Teacher Prizeis an annual US1 million award by the Varkey Foundation to a teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.

Presently she is in Tanzania, East Africa with her partner and children, working on teacher training programmes.

MacDonnell added that she was excited to know HP was leading custom trainings for the teachers across Africa. Teachers on this continent face incredible challenges, and by working with them to provide trainings you are releasing bottlenecks in these systems that can affect a whole generation.

By joining forces as educators, institutions, NGOs, government, and the private sector, we can turn the face of education around for the African children.

These include a lack of basic materials, adequate technological resources, having too many learners in their classrooms and not sufficient time to assist individual students.

Despite these challenges, at least 95 of teachers surveyed in South Africa and Nigeria are optimistic about their jobs and their roles in shaping and inspiring the future leaders of tomorrow.

Maggie MacDonnell, a Canadian educator based in Tanzania working on teacher training, recalls her earliest and biggest influence in teaching There were key moments where I saw my work as a teacher really pivoted in the right direction.

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