Political apathy, vote selling great sin against God: Cleric (gazettengr.com)

Political apathy, vote selling great sin against God: Cleric

If we should go by the injunction of Quran 3 verse 104, it implies that citizens are enjoined to elect their leaders, the Muslim cleric stated.

According to him, it is the obligation of every eligible citizen to register to vote during elections.

So, it is a law from Allah that, when you are in the country, and there must be a leader either through voting or selection, you participate and vote, the cleric explained. For every eligible citizen who fails to take their PVCs or has the PVCs but does not vote, it is a great sin in the sight of Allah.

Such should seek forgiveness because it is a serious sin.

According to him, Nigerians, especially the Muslim faithful, should perform their civic rights, which is also in line with Gods injunction.

It does not speak well that we need to be begging people to pick their PVCs and vote during an election.

Sheikh AlImam Abdulateef (Sododo), an Islamic cleric and scholar, says political apathy is a great sin in the sight of God.


Mr Abdulateef, the chief imam of Onikoyi Estate, Iba LCDA in the Ojo council area, spoke at the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) inaugural annual Ramadan lecture at Igando in Lagos on Wednesday.

Stating that politics is to make life better, Mr Abdulateef said only good leaders could improve lives and the country.

Let us do politics.

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