Twitter adds blue checks to accounts of dead celebrities (

Twitter adds blue checks to accounts of dead celebrities

The same message appears if you click on any of the blue checks associated with those accounts. This account is verified because they are subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified their phone number.

So, how do all the Musk fanboys and MAGA folks on this site feel about the fact that your conquering hero said hed bring equality and people power to this site and then charged you all for Twitter Blue while giving it to people like me for freeDo you feel owned

Mehdi Hasan (mehdirhasan) April 23, 2023

Its unclear if someone paid to verify those accounts or if Twitter granted them blue checks free of charge.

Understandably, many of those who got their check mark for free are upset that Twitter is suggesting they paid for Twitter Blue. Its ok he fired the people in charging telling him its illegal, dril joked, pointing to a screenshot showing the Wikipedia page detailing the Lanham Act, a federal law that lays out, among other things, what constitutes false endorsement in the US.

Among the users who received the verification but say they did not pay for the service include author Neil Gaiman, actor Ron Perlman, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Twitter comic dril.

now that i have the baneful blue mark, I undertand the pain ive wrought.

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