Business model: meaning, types and more (

Business model: meaning, types and more

The world of business is a complex structure that requires constant innovation and manoeuvring to achieve the needed success for a business.

In todays world, over 70 of businesses fail after three years, this disturbing figure has created increased demands by investors and partners for a predictable business style that can assure an expected profit by the company in the long and short run.

The above is where the business model comes in, the strategy employed by corporations to achieve profits and increased growth in trade in the highly competitive market is what is known today as the business model in the financial industry.

This article offers all there is to know about the complex but highly encouraged business model.


    • What is the business model
    • Understanding the business model
    • Types of business models
    • Conclusion
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1. The Retailer business model
      • 2. The manufacturer business model
      • 3. Feeforservice business model
      • 4. Subscription business model
      • 5. Payasyougo business model


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