Best Air Fryers 2023: Compact, Smart, Viewing Window (

Best Air Fryers 2023: Compact, Smart, Viewing Window


Here are WIRED’s top picks to suit a range of ingredients and price points.

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Think guiltfree crispy chicken, homemade fries, and donuts that are not only simple to make, but come with easier cleanup compared to using a traditional deepfat fryer.

With smaller capacity interiors to heat and shorter preheating times, an air fryer can be a quicker way to cook than your standard oven toopotentially saving you money off your energy bills if used wisely. (Just make sure its large enough to cook what you need, otherwise youll be using it multiple timeswhich will defeat its energysaving purpose.) Multifunctional in design, some air fryers come loaded with preset cooking modes for baking, roasting, dehydrating, grilling, and reheating.

Providing a faster and healthier way to cook fried foods with little to no oil, an air fryer has become something of a kitchen staple.


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