How To Get People To Buy From You (

How To Get People To Buy From You


Believe it or not.

People typically buy from people they like.

Just think about it, when have you ever bought from someone you did not like.

Even if you bought the first time, did you go back to the person?

I guess not.

So the question is, how do you become likeable.

Do you have to change yourself so that someone will like you?

Thankfully… NO.

There are three reasons people will like you:

  1. People like people who are just like them
  2. People like people who pay them compliments
  3. People like people who cooperate with them to help them achieve their goals

To show people that you are just like them, you have to share a side of you that people can say, “Oh my goodness, she’s just like me”.

I share a lot of high quality training for free, and people generally look at me as someone who is trying to help them succeed.

So it’s easy to like me… hence it’s easier for me to sell.

Do you see how easy this is?

Just by being yourself, sharing your personality, and genuinely helping people, you are already positioning yourself for sales.

This is one reason list-building is so important, because it helps you to build a relationship with people, share your stories and help people. When it’s time to sell, they will effortlessly buy from you because they like you and they feel that they owe you (remember… reciprocity)

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