Coups: Why military incursion is not solution to leadership deficits (

Coups: Why military incursion is not solution to leadership deficits


He said the military are not trained to govern, they’re trained to fight a war, and it’s a command and control structure which is why in most military ruled nations, there’s no freedom of speech or freedom to dissent.

He stressed on the consequence of not paying enough attention to a military takeover in a neighbouring country, where such a thing could be an influencing occurrence in another facing similar challenges of leadership or bad governance. This, he said, is especially true for a country once infamous for coup d’etats such as Nigeria.

The flurry of coup d’états in Africa seem to enjoy the support of young people, who didn’t witness military rule and the elderly that justify the development on account of poor political leadership and misgovernance. But lost in the frenzy, is the reality of the tyrannical nature of military governments that confirm they can never be an alternative to democracy, OLUDARE RICHARDS reports.

Creative and Philosophical Imagery Artist, Dada King, said there was corruption in the system during the military in the 80’s but not as rampant as it is today.

While he strongly agrees to a paradigm shift in the leadership of Nigeria, he stated that “the worst form of democracy is better than the best of military rule.”

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