About Us

Insurance policies are vital to peaceful living in the USA. Whether it is a car, motorcycle, health or life insurance. Getting the right policy at the best/cheapest price is something every American would want to do.

Hence we have launched jokoshq.com with the intention of surviving one of the most crucial problems of getting insurance policies.

Before now, one would have to basically search around for what’s new and what’s best when it comes to getting insurance but here at jokoshq.com we get the hard lifting for you.

We compare and review websites offering free insurance quotes online and not just that, we also ensure you get these policies at the least affordable prices.

If you had ever struggled to find out what policy, coverage etc you need for your next insurance policy, jokoshq.com have you covered.

Here is what we have for you.


One way to know what is new is through reviews of the latest products in the market. Our team at jokoshq.com focusses a lot of attention and time on checking out insurance companies and their coverage.

We also bring out what they charge and how other customers have used them reviewed them. In that way, you get to know what to expect from any insurance company you have chosen for your next policy.


How do you know what’s best without comparing? No way. Exactly why we compare the best insurance companies such as Geico, Progressive etc for a series of policies. We see which is best at this coverage and this price.

At the end of the day, our readers here at jokoshq.com would not only have access to first-hand information but would also know exactly which company and policy are best for them.

It gives us the joy to be able to do this as an insurance policy is a very important aspect of living in the United States.

Imagine having your car burnt or your building destroyed… if you don’t have the right coverage, you would end up starting all over again but with our team, you get juicy reviews and comparisons that get the job done.