From Nigeria to Egypt: Investor Eliot Pence on backing frontier market startups (

From Nigeria to Egypt: Investor Eliot Pence on backing frontier market startups

Tofinos investments in Africa include Seamless HR, a human resources and payroll solution Sabi, a digital commerce infrastructure provider Eksab, a fantasy football service Lucky, a cashback rewards app Caafisom, a medtech company in Somaliland Adbot, an automated advertising solution in South Africa and NiceDeer, an Egyptian health insurtech firm.

In this interview with Betsy Henderson, Pence shares his insights on investing in African startups, highlighting the distinct approach required compared to investing in USbased ventures.

Eliot Pence, cofounder of Tofino Capital

Eliot Pence is the cofounder of Tofino Capital, a 10 million venture capital fund that invests in earlystage businesses in frontier markets.

He also discusses his bullish outlook on the continents construction industry and reveals why he considers Egypt a particularly interesting market.

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