Canada Lands Volkswagen Battery Plant With Billions in Subsidies (

Canada Lands Volkswagen Battery Plant With Billions in Subsidies

Not to Justin Trudeau.

But Andreas Schotter, an associate professor of international business at Western University in London, Ontario, and a former financial executive with Volkswagen North America, said subsidies were the reality for countries seeking to maintain their automotive industries.

Its a good thing, but with a high risk, he said, noting that policy shifts, particularly in the United States, could slow the transition to electric vehicles or that other technologies, like hydrogen fuel cells, could dislodge batteries over time.

While St.

After the initial announcement last month, Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the opposition Conservative Party of Canada, criticized the government for subsidizing Volkswagen.

This money belongs to Canadians, he wrote on Twitter. Not to a foreign corporation.

It is, however, just down the road from a factory where General Motors recently began building electric delivery vans and a Toyota factory that makes hybrid crossovers.

Over time, Dr.

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