These Are Signs That You’re Wasting Your Time/Life & How To Overcome Them (

These Are Signs That You’re Wasting Your Time/Life & How To Overcome Them


You spend way too much time on your smartphone aimlessly scrolling through social mediaYou binge watch YouTube/Netflix/TVYou party all weekendYou use your phone for an hour after waking up, feeling lazyYou spend your hours looking at other peoples lives (Instagram/Snapchat)You are always reading about gossip news, celebrity rumors, the latest fads/hypeYou engage in gossip frequentlyYou are just going through the motions in lifeYou literally dont want the day to end because you have nothing planned for tomorrowYou feel guilty on the inside for not spending your time better

Okay, instead of all the negative signs, below are some tips to turn your life around

Drastically limit your time spent on social media, set up the function in your phone to remind you when you exceed the time limit (unless youre using social media for work or as part of your personal branding)Replace your consumption of useless online content with reading.

Read a lot, read voraciously.Spend your weekends working on your side hustles, learning a new skill, playing sports, instead of overindulging in partying (the occasional partying is fine)Get up immediately after you wake up and have an empowering morning routine tailored just for yourselfSame advice as tip 1Quit looking at sensationalized news and update yourself about more relevant ones like politics, finance, economicsTransform your conversations with people into mutually empowering ones, form social circles where you are motivated to be betterMake plans, schedule your day, and schedule your week what gets scheduled gets done.With tip 8, this problem vanishes.And, no more guilt Also read An Entrepreneurs Diary of Being Broke and in Debt Pt. 4

Take charge of your life

And, you will see how fulfilling and rewarding life can be.


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