Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is not dead, here’s what happened to him (wothappen.com)

Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is not dead, here’s what happened to him



The government of Ondo state have urged residents and citizens to keep over the rumoured demise of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

According to a statement issued by the state government, the governor was in good condition but was unwell some days back

The statement urged the general public to disregard any rumours the governor had passed on

The Ondo state government has debunked the rumours of the demise of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

In a statement issued by the states commissioner for information, Bamidele AdemolaOlateju urged the general public to ignore the rumours and exercise calmness.

A recent photo of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu that emerged on social media on Saturday, June 3.

Aketi is very much alive.

Before the issuance of the statement by AdemolaOlateju, there had been a social media buzz that the Ondo state government had gone the way of his elders due to his absence from public functions and administrative duties in the state.

This development forced the states opposition parties to demand that his health status be made public for the benefit of the doubt, accountability and avoidance of anarchy.

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We had chosen to ignore this wicked fabrication until it appeared that certain persons seek to draw political mileage from the disinformation.

Though the Governor has been indisposed for hh, he has been attending to state matters and delegating functions to functionaries of the Government, when necessary.

We enjoin the members of the public to ignore the rumour.


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