Spyro’s Instagram Outburst Shatters the Myth About His Newcomer Status (www.herald.ng)

Spyro’s Instagram Outburst Shatters the Myth About His Newcomer Status


Spyro, a talented Nigerian musician, recently took to his Instagram page to address a common misconception about his experience in the music industry. Contrary to popular belief, he clarified that he is not a newcomer and has been active in the business for a significant period, even longer than some of the renowned Nigerian artists.

In his heartfelt post, Spyro revealed that his journey began before many of the current favorites in the industry emerged. His initial goal was to follow in the footsteps of the late Dagrin, an influential Nigerian rapper. However, over time, Spyro transitioned from rap to singing, marking a pivotal moment in his musical career.

In a nostalgic recollection, Spyro mentioned an interesting collaboration that took place back in 2010 when he was still known as “Freeze.” He teamed up with the talented Tiwa Savage on a song, demonstrating his early involvement in the music scene. Reflecting on those times, Spyro humorously expressed doubt about whether Tiwa Savage even remembers that day, given their respective journeys since then.

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Spyro didn’t stop there. He went on to recall another milestone in his career, sharing how he had the opportunity to work with the late Sound Sultan in 2014. These experiences highlight the depth of Spyro’s musical background and his longstanding presence in the industry.

In his Instagram post, Spyro quoted a verse from the Bible that emphasizes the unpredictability of life and success. He acknowledged that timing and chance play significant roles in one’s journey, suggesting that despite his extensive experience, he believes in the power of divine intervention.

To complement his words, Spyro shared a clip and artwork cover of his throwback songs, showcasing his growth as an artist over the years. He expressed gratitude to God for orchestrating his path and granting him the breakthrough he has experienced in the current year.

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