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Authorized User Trick – Gain 80+ Credits Points Instantly (Guaranteed!)

authorized user trick
Written by Okosun John

Is 800 credit score possible? Definitely, Authorized User Trick is the quickest way possible to get 80+ credit score points (guaranteed). Impressive right?

Approximately 5 years ago I realized just how important it was to have good credit.

So I made it my mission to learn everything about credit scores and how the average person can get to that coveted 800 credit score in the quickest and easiest way possible. 

Hence, In this article, I’m going to show you guaranteed methods on how to increase your credit score.

Make sure to read until the end as you’ll have a complete game plan on what you need to do starting right now.  

Disclaimer: One of these methods increases your score from 600+ to 680 instantly.

Before you even do anything else you should have a clear-cut understanding of what a fico score is and also the variables that influence it. 

What Is A FICO Score?

A fico score is another way of saying a credit score and these are the things that go into that metric;

  1. 35% payment history 
  2. 30% amount of debt aka credit utilization 
  3. 15% length of credit history 
  4. 10% new credit
  5. 10% credit mix 

Most if not all of these are pretty self-explanatory; 

  • Payment history deals with how well you pay off your credit, 
  • The amount of debt deals with how much you owe, 
  • The length of credit history is just how much time you spent building credit, 
  • New credit considers how many new lines of credit you’ve built and at what points in time did you build them 
  • And credit mix deals with the variety of credit you owe for example auto loans credit cards, home mortgages and more. 

Authorized User Trick (The Quickest Method)

The very first thing that is quickest and easiest way to increase your credit score by a ton is the Authorized User Trick i.e. by actually getting added as an authorized user on someone else’s credit card.

Not everyone can do this but if you know someone with good credit they can actually boost your score by adding you to their credit card. 

Authorized User Trick – Gain 80+ Credits Points Instantly (Guaranteed!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

The reason why the Authorized User Trick might not work for everyone is that; 

  1. Whoever is added to the credit card can actually negatively impact the primary cardholder’s credit score if they don’t use the card properly.
  2. If the primary cardholder has bad or the same credit as you, your credit score won’t increase because by being an authorized user you’re basically associating with them and their whole credit history.

If you know someone with a good score who trusts you and is willing to sign you on to their card, the Authorized User Trick can actually have a really big impact on your score.

I’ve seen people go from like 650 to 680 credit scores or more from being added by someone who has a score of over 800. 

It’s really easy you really just have to get them to contact the credit card company and ask them to add an authorized user to that particular card.

Bellow is a video, that shows you exactly how to do this.

Most cards are going to allow this however if you don’t have any credit history and you don’t have anyone that can actually add you as an authorized user there are many other things you can do. 

Other ways to Build Credit Score

1. Building Credit History

The second thing is to start building a credit history if you don’t have any credit at all.

I recommend getting started by applying for your first credit card but if you can’t get approved for a credit card right now, don’t worry because you can actually still sign up for something called a secured credit card

Discover actually offers one as well as many other companies but pretty much anyone with valid income can qualify for a secured card because you’ll need to put down a security deposit in order to get a line of credit.

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Meaning if you put down let’s say $100, you’ll be given a line of credit for $100 this makes it very good for beginners with absolutely no credit history. 

It’s a really important step because this is where you start building your credit and as time goes on and you get more credit cards your score will increase.

If you have no credit history or a bad one, please head on to the article below on Kikoff credit builder to start building your history to free.

2. Paying Off Your Balance

The third thing you can do is actually pay off all your credit cards in full all the time.

Paying off your credit cards is crucial to raising your credit score and it’s much easier nowadays with autopay which is a service that most credit card companies provide so that you can automatically pay off your balances.

Authorized User Trick – Gain 80+ Credits Points Instantly (Guaranteed!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

If your credit card company does not have auto-pay then run from them because that is not normal.

You should set up auto-pay for as many of your credit cards as possible because any missed or late payments can have serious negative effects on your credit score.

Not to mention the penalty fees and the risk of losing out on other offers like the 0% APR periods that most companies give out.

So you need to find out when your last date of the billing cycle is every month and you need to make sure that you’re paying off your credit cards by the end of that month because it makes up 35% of your entire credit score. 

Payment history is probably the most important thing that you can do. it’s pretty simple but you know it’s also pretty simple to slip up on one or two payments and if that does happen your credit score is going to take a pretty big hit. 

You definitely have to do everything you can to prevent that from happening. 

Set up the Auto pay and you’ll thank me later.

You might want to be careful of scams when trying to actually pay off your debt. I once met a company that claimed they could help me wipe my debt.

This was definitely a scam. So be careful of scams, read the post below to find out exactly what kind of credit repair scam you could fall for.

3. Get Multiple Lines Of Credit

Now that you started building your credit history and you’re paying these bills on time the next focus would be to start getting multiple credit cards.

You want to do this because when you increase the number of credit cards you have the total credit limit you have also will increase. 

For example, if I have one credit card with a limit of $500 and then I get another card with a limit of $1000 I basically just upgrade and have a total credit limit of $1500. 

Getting multiple credit cards like that can not only make it easier for you to stay within the 30% credit utilization ratio which we will talk about later.

But it will also strengthen your credit history because lenders will see that you have multiple credit cards that you’re able to pay off on time.

Getting more credit cards does increase your lines of credit but that’s not the only thing you can do. 

Funny enough when you don’t do this properly, it because a huge credit repair mistakes.

So be very careful, you can also read the below post to avoid making credit repair mistakes.

4. Diversify Your Loans

You should also be diversifying your loans so you can actually help your credit such as auto loans, getting a mortgage or even paying off small loans that are reported to the credit agencies. 

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Authorized User Trick – Gain 80+ Credits Points Instantly (Guaranteed!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

The reason why all these things help is that if you pay off these different types of loans you build different types of credit which will look good on your report because it shows that multiple types of lenders trust you and that you’re actually paying them off right.

It actually makes a lot of sense. 

I would way rather give money to someone if they have a mortgage credit card and a car loan compared with someone that only has let’s say two credit cards. 

Why? it’s obvious. the first person is just a lot easier to actually loan money to. 

5. Applying For New Credit (wait before getting new credit)

You don’t want to be getting new credit too often, especially at certain times.

This is because when you apply for new credit there is going to be a slight reduction in your credit score as they will be performing a hard inquiry or hard pull on your credit to see if you qualify. 

So you can see that if you have a bunch of different inquiries at the same time that’s going to effectively lower your credit score.

Vendors could see you as a riskier borrower if you are applying for different lines of credit all at once.

Authorized User Trick – Gain 80+ Credits Points Instantly (Guaranteed!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

Because the way that they see is like; 

“oh charlie is applying for four new credit cards plus a mortgage, plus an auto loan at the same time, he might be in some trouble financially and that’s why he’s trying to borrow all this money at once”.

Even if that’s not the case and you just want to start building credit fast

that’s the way that lenders see it. 

So as a rule of thumb it’s good to wait for a little before trying to get new credit if you want your score as high as possible in the short term. 

if you’re about to buy a car or buy a house don’t apply for a credit card right before. 

Wait until after you get the car or the house because, in those types of situations, your credit score directly influences your interest

rate on those loans which means you’re gonna be paying way more money over the life of that loan. 

The new credit card will temporarily ding your credit in the short term but it will help it in the long term. 

Just understand that timeline and don’t apply for credit before a big event.

6. Credit Utilization

Keep your credit utilization ratio under 30% or better yet under 10%. b

Basically, this means that you should not be using more than 30% of your total credit limit before paying it off. 

if you do go over 30%, lenders are going to see you as a risk because from their perspective there’s no need to utilize such a high percentage of the money you’re allowed to borrow at once on a credit card or credit card.

You can actually speed up the process of raising your credit score by keeping that utilization rate under 10%.

Authorized User Trick – Gain 80+ Credits Points Instantly (Guaranteed!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

This means that if you have a credit limit of let’s say $1000 you should not be using more than $100 per month on your credit card before paying it off. 

There are three ways to get around this;

The first method is to get more credit cards or call them to actually increase your credit limits.

Sad fact about this is, you can only get approved if you already have good credit. But there is a walkaround.

I covered in my previous article the Navy Federal hack that gives you $10,000 with bad credit and also allows you to build your credit score.

Go ahead and read it.

The second way is to spread out charges across different credit cards if you can. Although I will say that this does not always work as some credit scoring models only care about the total credit limit. 

Thirdly, make credit card payments more than once a month to keep your balances low. 

If you can stay under 10% that is a huge plus and it shows that you are a responsible borrower. 

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To illustrate this a little bit more clearly;

Let’s say you have a credit limit of $1000 in total and you go out and buy something for a $100 at target, well that’s going to bring you to the 10% credit utilization ratio already. 

so in that case you’re gonna want to proactively think “hey I’m at that 10

I don’t really want to go above 20% or 30% I’m actually going to manually pay my credit card right now. 

That way my balance is gonna be back to zero and I’ll be able to spend another $100. 

Doing this proactively means you’ll never go over that 30% threshold which I definitely recommend not going over.

if you can do that’s going to definitely help increase your credit score.

7. Credit Report Errors

A really great resource for checking your report is 

It’s a completely free service. I believe that you can do this multiple times per year but if you see anything that is incorrect in your personal credit report you should definitely call them and dispute it.

This goes for any debt that you want to negotiate. Sometimes there can be errors in your credit reports and it’s more common than you think. 

The number one type of complaint that consumers reported to the consumer financial protection bureau was the consumer credit report complaint statistically they identified at least one error on 26 of consumer credit reports which is definitely a pretty significant amount. 

The most common mistakes that occur include missing accounts, accounts being reported more than once and reports indicating that closed accounts were closed by the granter and not the user when accounts are being reported more than once. 

it looks like you have higher debt than you actually do which is definitely not something you want because it can seriously jeopardize your credit score.

Anytime you see an error on your credit reports I really encourage you to

contact the credit bureau, as well as whoever, provides the info to the bureau under the fair credit reporting act. 

If the error is real and legitimate then they need to correct it. I won’t go into too much detail about the steps but you can absolutely look up guides across the internet. 

This can successfully take care of any errors on your credit reports, which can significantly boost your credit score.

8. Credit Limit Increase

And the last thing I’m going to go over is super simple and I sort of mentioned it already but it is very often overlooked when it comes to raising people’s scores. 

Well it’s simply asking credit card companies to just increase your credit limit. 

I’ve personally done this many times and I can tell you right now that it’s

actually really easy and the worst thing that they can say is no and it gets even easier as you build up a history and reputation with that credit card company.

for example, I have tons of accounts with chase so the reputation that I’ve built up with that company makes it very easy for me to actually call them up and be like 

“Hey, I want a credit limit increase can you do that for me?”

This can be a cumulative strategy meaning that you can try this with all the credit cards you own personally. 

The best plan of attack for me is to apply the strategy to the card I spend the most money on. 

Remember that credit card companies look at the credit utilization ratios of each card too.

Here is one article I always recommend and that’s because this exactly trick, gave me 100points and it was quick.

Read it below

In conclusion, these are eight different ways and steps that you can take towards that coveted 800 credit score.

The credit score is very important because having bad credit is going to affect you anytime you are borrowing money or trying to leverage. 

So I really encourage you guys to learn these steps. I’ve done every single one of these steps and they’ve all helped my own personal

credit score.

If this post has helped you increase your credit score, please share with your family and friends… Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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