Bushmeat Consumption Unchanged By Covid-19 In Kenya And Tanzania Border Towns, New Study Reveal (www.africa.com)

Bushmeat Consumption Unchanged By Covid-19 In Kenya And Tanzania Border Towns, New Study Reveal

The findings can be used to inform public health strategies targeted at community inclusion and disease behavioral campaigns, particularly in lowerincome countries where wild meat trade and consumption remain prevalent.

Safe as well as sustainable wild meat consumption can be advanced in several ways, such as

(1) by providing communities with greater access to affordable meat from domesticated livestock(2) by giving local communities incentives to change any risky behaviours that may lead to spillover of pathogens from animals to humans

(3) by supporting food sellers in the informal markets of the poor to adopt greater hygiene and related food safety standards(4) by finding new ways to meet the nutritional needs of the poor, for whom wild meat remains an important source of proteins and micronutrients.

(5) by regulating wildlife hunting and sales of wild animals and their meatfor conservation


Nearly 80 of respondents learned about COVID19 from mass media sources.

Zoonotic diseases are those that originate in animalsbe they tamed or wildthat then mutate and spillover into human populations. Twothirds of infectious diseases, from HIV/AIDS, which originated in chimpanzee populations in early 20th century Central Africa, to COVID19, which is believed to have originated from an asyet undetermined animal in 2019, originate in animals.

Despite understanding the associated risks of consuming meat from wild animals, the study found that COVID19 did not strongly affect the consumption of wild meat, with only 30 of respondents reporting lower consumption because of the pandemic.

Some even increased their consumption due to the economic constraints imposed by COVID19 measures.

The study explored the impact of COVID19 patterns on wild meat consumption and perceptions of associated zoonotic disease risks.

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