Chidi Amuta, Peter Obi and the ‘Obidients’ thriving tyranny (

Chidi Amuta, Peter Obi and the ‘Obidients’ thriving tyranny

Neither can he be ignorant of the antics of a group of Obidients, most likely taking a cue from Obi and DattiAhmed, converging on the Ministry of Defense Headquarters and pleading with the military to intervene in the political process in reaction to the outcome of the elections

Did Amuta expect any responsible and selfrespecting government to keep mute and inactive in the face of such extraconstitutional provocations

But critics of the Obidients have hardly spared a thought for the many of them that were killed, maimed and seriously injured in parts of the country by APC professional thugs.

This is nothing but an elaborate and manifestly dishonest attempt to justify the irrational extremism of the Obidients in response to the failure of Peter Obi at the polls.

Pray, many have asked, if a group without control of and influence over state power like the Peter Obi clique, is so ferociously against the expression of a multiplicity of viewpoints now, what grave danger of descent to absolutism would Nigeria have faced had their man won the presidency

That is the dangerous possibility that should bother Chidi Amutas mind and not his farfetched and implausible rumination on a possible looming APC tyranny.

Like I said, many members of this sectional intelligentsia like Amuta find themselves walking an uncomfortable tight rope especially when it comes to dealing with the sinister menace that groups like the Obidients have come to pose to society.

On one hand, as intellectuals, they are expected to be committed to expressing the truth and nothing but the truth at all times no matter whose Ox is gored.


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