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Bathroom Remodel Packages: Uncommon Guide to Price Your Way to Profits

Bathroom Remodel Packages: Uncommon Guide to Price Your Way to Profits
Written by Okosun John

Are you offering bathroom remodeling as a side hustle or fulltime job? here is how to create and price your bathroom remodel packages full increased customers and profit.

When offering bathroom remodeling as a side hustle or full-time job, knowing how to create and price your bathroom remodel packages is very vital to your success.

How do you ensure the services you are rendering is customer-friendly?

At least you want to make sure customers are not overcharged and also you are not losing money.

Hence, I researched the internet to find out what bathroom contractors charge for different bathroom remodel packages.

I will be sharing my findings with you and hopefully, it helps you grow your bathroom remodeling business.

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When you want to create your bathroom remodeling packages,

there are a lot of things you need to consider.

This includes the type of remodeling that is available and aside from that you need to know the average bathroom cost and the materials needed for each type.

Now let’s break it down!

Types of Bathroom Remodeling.

Each bathroom or house owners have his/her own demand.

Basically, we have three types of bathroom remodeling.

  1. Minor bathroom renovation
  2. Major bathroom renovation

Minor Bathroom Remodel

A minor bathroom remodel is more budget-friendly.

Most of the time customers can get this done by themselves as DIY.

But however, when it comes to offering services as a Bathroom remodel contractor, you have to consider minor bathroom remodeling.

It is generally referred to as minor because the materials and labour needed to get it down are little.

Here are the things you would most likely be doing in a minor bathroom remodeling

  1. Replacing the faucets and fixtures
  2. Adding new flooring
  3. Changing the mirror
  4. Light fixtures replacement
  5. Replacement of hardware such as knobs, handles etc.
  6. Cabinet painting or refacing.

Average cost of a Minor Bathroom Remodel

Pricing for the minor bathroom remodel is often low because this type of remodeling doesn’t include expensive materials.

According to LendingTree, the average cost of a minor bathroom remodel is $4,280.

Major Bathroom Remodeling.

A major remodeling requires more materials and labour.

Knowing that a well-remodeled bathroom can increase a building by about $11,000, a lot of customers would opt-in for the major bathroom remodeling.

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Often you find real estate agents trying to turn an old model building into a modern classic structure.

All these services require major bathroom remodeling.

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Where not just a few hardware is changed.

If you are wondering what should be changed in a major bathroom remodel, here are the items reported by LendingTree;

  1. Replacing the faucets and fixtures
  2. Adding new flooring
  3. Changing the mirror
  4. Light fixtures replacement
  5. Replacement of hardware such as knobs, handles etc.
  6. Replace the tub or shower
  7. Install a new vanity, cabinets and toilets
  8. Plumbing and electrical system adjustment
  9. Addition or removal of wall
  10. Put in floor-to-ceiling tile.

From the materials and services listed above, you can clearly see that major bathroom remodeling is more demanding.

Hence, let’s see how much it cost.

Average Cost of Major Bathroom Remodel

The major bathroom remodel is often charged at an average of $28,268. This is based on the report from LendingTree.

The average cost is over triple of the minor renovation because it requires more materials and also higher time and labour.

Customers also have demands that are not stated above but could be inclusive since it is a major bathroom renovation.

How to Create your Bathroom Remodel Packages

When it comes to creating your bathroom remodel packages, a lot of things come into contention

  1. Number of packages
  2. Price of each package

But then these are not the only problems you will be facing.

Bathroom remodeling takes time and you have to purchase materials.

Credits: Pixabay

If you are running a business, you need to make sure you have the right packages in terms of pricing and also customer friendliness.

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So, what number of packages should you create?

Number of Bathroom Remodel Packages.

The number of bathroom remodel packages has an impact on your business.

What if you decide to choose just 1 package? How would you manage the various needs of customers?

Will then be charging the same price for both minor and major renovations…

Hence 1 package is not ideal except you only run one type of bathroom remodel.

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Just like the wedding photography and videography packages, it is best to create at least two packages.

You can have each package fit for each modeling type.

In that sense, you would have to simply look at the needs of the customer.

Is this a major or minor renovation?

Also, it would help you serve a diverse audience and in return bring for more.

Unlike running a one-package service, you can easily target both customers looking for budget-friendly renovations and those on the higher end.

But that’s not all…

What about running 3-bathroom remodel packages?

While doing my research online, I found out that most contractors run 3-bathroom remodel packages.

And there was a simple breakdown of this.

  1. Silver: This covered minor renovation
  2. Gold: This covered major renovation
  3. Platinum: A more robust major renovation (luxury class)

Personally, I think having three packages is better.

You would encounter customers who are in need of major renovation but however, they would request the purchase of luxury items that may be too expensive for your gold package.

Then you simply swap them to the Platinum which would incur more cost for labour and material.

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That said…

How do you price these different packages?

Pricing Bathroom Remodel Packages

Now, if you have followed my guide of choosing either 2 or 3 packages, then you can easily price it.

Bear in mind that when pricing your bathroom remodel packages, you have to consider a lot of things.

These could include;

  1. Cost of labour
  2. Hours spent on service
  3. Cost of running the business (taxes and permits)
  4. Cost of materials
  5. Transportation cost etc.

All these will come together to help you decide how much to charge.

Remember that you are running a business and you need to make profits in order to survive as a business.

So, let’s see how much you could possibly charge for each bathroom remodel package

Silver or Minor Remodeling.

There is an average price on minor remodeling which is priced at $4,280.

You don’t want to exceed this price as you create your bathroom remodel packages.

This is because customers would find it easy to get alternatives who can do it at a cheaper price.

Also, you have to know how much other contractors in your area are charging.

Gold or Major Remodeling.

Major remodeling requires more expertise and time.

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This is a deciding factor. At times you have to get the service of extra workmen in other to get the job done.

These extra services should be accounted for when deciding how much to price this package.

As a rule of thumb. You can at first try to calculate the cost of materials you would be needing in such a scenario.

Secondly, try to estimate how long it would take and also how many workers will be needed.

Doing this will help you know how much to charge.

However, from my research, the average cost of this is $28,268.

This is for you if you intend to run just two packages. But if it extends to 3.

Then pricing can start from let’s say $7,900.

The price you choose is totally dependent on your total expenses and cost of labour.

Platinum or Luxury Remodeling

In a rich environment, you often find customers who are willing to pay extra in order to have the luxury.

This could go a long way.

You could at some point find customers who are looking for more expensive hot tubs, toilets, etc.

Hence to price this, you need to be more open to extra prices.

You could start pricing from at least $12,900.

How to create a website to display your bathroom remodel packages.

You need to scale up your business in order to make more profits.

Credits: Pixabay

Many bathroom contractors are running websites to boost their;

  1. Professionalism
  2. Outreach
  3. Sales.

You need one too.

How do you get it done?

You can hire my services to help you create that perfect website for your business.

My services are considerate and in no time, we would get your website ready to rock.

I would be adding a beautiful display of the bathroom remodel packages you have chosen.

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Not just that, you would get more tips on how to grow your bathroom remodeling business at no extra cost.

Want to give it a try? Hire a developer.

You could also create a website by yourself.

For a starter, you would need

  1. Webhosting, starting from $100 at Bluehost
  2. Domain, starting at $10 from Namecheap
  3. Premium wordpress theme, starting at $25 on Themeforest.

Here is a guide that would help you create your site all by yourself.

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