BREAKING NEWS: Professor Steve Hanke Accuses Tinubu of Diploma Forgery

BREAKING NEWS: Professor Steve Hanke Accuses Tinubu of Diploma Forgery

In recent developments, Professor Steve Hanke from John Hopkins University in the United States has strongly accused Bola Tinubu of forging his diploma certificate. In the U.S., a diploma certificate is deemed forged when it is intentionally altered or misrepresented, misleading others into believing the recipient holds an academic qualification or degree they did not legitimately earn. This act constitutes academic fraud and is illegal in most jurisdictions.


Various scenarios can lead to a diploma certificate being considered forged, including counterfeiting, altering critical information, using fake educational institutions, relying on online diploma mills, impersonation, and creating unauthorized copies of legitimate diplomas.

Forgery carries severe legal consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and damage to one’s reputation and career prospects. Employers and educational institutions often verify the authenticity of diplomas and academic credentials to prevent accepting forged documents.

To mitigate issues related to diploma forgery, individuals must earn their degrees from legitimate educational institutions and truthfully represent their qualifications on applications and documents. Employers and educational institutions should rigorously verify the authenticity of diplomas and transcripts to safeguard against fraud.

It’s important to note that the argument that U.S. diplomas are ceremonial primarily applies in that context and not necessarily in Nigeria. Therefore, anyone holding a U.S. degree should possess authentic diplomas/certificates for use in Nigeria, as using forged documents, as described in various scenarios, constitutes a crime in our jurisdiction.


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