Popular B2B business dumps Twitter over Musk's API price hike (mashable.com)

Popular B2B business dumps Twitter over Musk's API price hike

Just this week, one of the biggest companies in the customer support and live chat space made the call to drop Twitter too.

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On Thursday, Intercom announced(Opens in a new tab) that the company would “no longer support Twitter Integration due to the recent API pricing changes implemented by Twitter.” The decision was implemented immediately, as Intercom has already removed Twitter from its products.

This is a notable decision as Twitter has long been used as a major customer support channel for many businesses.

According to Forbes(Opens in a new tab), the company had 200 million in annual revenue in 2021.

According to an Intercom customer service agent, the company decided(Opens in a new tab) to drop Twitter integration because “Twitters new APIs would require development work and additional costs for us and customers.” Intercom provides a “unified inbox” service which basically brings messages that a client receives on various social media channels and websites into a single platform interface.

Intercom says that current customers will continue to see historical Twitter DMs in their workspace and reports, but new Twitter DMs will no longer come in.

Since the social media platform’s early days, it’s become quite useful for Twitter’s users to be able to reach out to a company for help or to file a complaint.

And yet, Intercom, one of the leaders in the customer service space, has decided that the new highpriced API implemented by Twitter owner Elon Musk just isn’t worth it.

Intercom’s clients span many industries and include companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Udemy, and HampR Block using its customer support products and services.

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